Health in Nova Scotia

Wrote this in response to something a health care advocate wrote.


Well we agree on something. That is good. I have reviewed over all my years of work literally thousands of drawings. Without exception the worst drawings by far are for hospitals and for schools. I could also add Wellness Center in Pictou and Rath Complex in Truro. I digress but it still is same underlying problem.

Yet I don’t think it is fair to foist all the blame on the engineers and architects designing these buildings. Likely they are working from a limited budget. More often than not when these projects are in a conceptual stage the parameters for design are being set by a committee of health/education professionals. These projects it seems to me lack focus and appeal instead to a wishlist of demands with the proviso that any problems can be figured out later. The people overseeing it don’t care because it isn’t their money being spent. As long as it is a committee of the whole spending someone else’s money hardly matters who the executive is that is in charge. I realize that some projects require government to move forward. But cost overruns should not be part and parcel of how things get done. They seem to be right now.

I would go further than you and privatize the buildings.

When the drawings for new hospital hit my desk I see incomplete details and dollar signs. Why? Well that is simple. If it isn’t on contracts the work is extra in time and materials. So the next time you drive by a work site and see a bunch of guys standing around with their thumb in their asses rest assured the dime getting spent is likely from .gov.ns.ca

This province and this country needs to leave behind the rhetoric that Health budgets are being cut. They are not being cut. You know better than I but when was the last time there was a cut in spending at Dept of Health. Maybe you can fill me in on that. Yet when I turn on TV all I hear are cuts here and slashes there.

So put one person in charge long term. Ok. Probably would help. But first thing on list for this person would be to be honest about how much money we are spending. How much more money is getting spent on Health Care year over year. How about an honest conversation from this minister. Dispense with this narrative of health care cuts. I would like to think citizens of this province would be receptive to being spoken to like adults. But using the past as a guide chances of success don’t look good. They can’t handle the truth. Most want to live in a land of make believe.

A while back I had a conversation with a Doctor of Radiology here in Antigonish. We were going back and forth about issues of the day. He got onto topic of government budgets. He thought there needed to be real cuts to all sorts of programs. Yet not surprisingly he left out his field. I asked him point blank how much is enough and should we consider actual line item cuts to health care. He didn’t answer question. Just ignored me. Says a lot about attitude. Don’t complain just give till it hurts. To him anyone who thinks like I do is an evil bastard who just wants to push Granny over the cliff.

People have grown used to health care on demand. Too many seem comfortable going to McDonald’s for that Big Mac today all the while promising to pay for it next week. Then next week comes and another promise gets made. Eventually the clerk is going to refuse orders. And then what?

In the end the reckoning will occur one way or the other. Right now there doesn’t seem to be many folks talking about the hard choices that are needed to be made. I just see more of the same.

Tell me I am wrong.


What me Worry


Posted as fair use. Gotta admit what you wrote makes great commentary on current events. Today I ran into a guy at dump. My wife and I are doing reno at my house and so I had some junk to throw out. He was doing the same, exchanging pleasantries, shitty weather that sort of thing, and then words get to Trump and current events. Of course me being the only declared MAGA for hundreds of miles he wanted my take on travesty at 1600 Penn. I should have let loose but I don’t have the stomach anymore to argue with these guys. They hate Donald and want him gone. Same ole same ole…

So it’s me standing there wanting to talk about the house on fire and he instead wants to talk about the drapes. I don’t get it. The economy is going to shit and all people want to talk about is Trump’s twitter feed. I could have brought up economy but what is point.


I’d rather leave that to the Quinns and Gores of the world. Folks with a much finer eye than I when it comes to numbers and sense. Still a quick look around and only a dumbfuck would bite the wormy apple MSNBC and Jim Cramer are trying to sell us to keep this Ponzi scheme afloat.


Mad Money alright!

The economy is getting readied to be put thru the wood-chipper but what worries me now is the Deep State kicking stones in parking lots and pissing on tires all the while with a HARD-ON for wars.

And with who?

These days I need a rolodex to keep track of the enemy du jour.

Today it’s North Korea and missiles.
Couple days ago it was Syria and Crematoriums.
Before that Russia in Ukraine.
China building Islands.
Iran and it’s Nuclear Program.

Now details are emerging today that Seth Rich was the one responsible for DNC leak. This coming after it is documented that Tony Podesta let loose a cryptic email long before this man was murdered. Still just threats from men for mice. All the Russian influence speculation flying around and we have an email written that sounds mafioso in tone to this schmuck living in the hinterlands of North America.


But most are trained to look the other way. Who can resist the allure of the Lever People and the mystery box, eight days a week!

Why doesn’t someone in Mainstream media pick up a phone today and call this dumbfuck Molesta and ask him exactly what the fuck he meant. Apparently this guy is above the law. In the world of the dirt people where I live a statement like that would make me a person of interest in a murder investigation. But not Tony’s world.

It is a classic horror film starring millions of too addled to care about a bigger picture.


Soon to be in the can. They will realize too late that they have no paper to wipe their ass.


He’s done!

Well there has been much ado about what Trump needs to change to set his administration back on track. My opinion is there is no Presidency left to save. He has decided to follow vain pursuits and take that road to York.

Stick a fork in him.


He’s done!

The promises to drain the swamp have been too quickly set aside. Trump has abandoned what got him elected to make nice with those who’s first aim has always been to destroy him. He let his hubris cloud his judgement by thinking he alone could stick his hand into that swampy pit of Vipers and not get bit.

Thinking this was just the latest installment of Apprentice, he started out season giving enemies a chance to prove what they could do. And they have done lots. It is too late now to start firing people one at a time when what should have been done was wholesale house cleaning on the first day in office.

Now he complains about all the leaks. What exactly did he expect! The Repugnian Establishment has and always will be against him. They have been throwing up roadblocks every step of the way on the path to nomination. Just weeks before election Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz and countless others were distancing themselves from his election run. And somehow we all supposed to believe that they all had some sort of epiphany on the road to Damascus in aftermath of an improbable election win.

His greatest mistake was to cast aside the Great Heathen Army that elected him. He will end up like another leader, from long ago. Ending his days wallowing in the pit being bitten by those snakes he had promised to destroy.


Trump is just Ragnar Lodbrok with a comb over and a fancy 3 piece suit.

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Reader advisory

I doubt anyone is going to read this. I am writing this for myself and not for Facebook. There are glaring omissions in grammar. It jumps about. For now that is how it will be. I have a hard time writing about all this and keep myself emotionally removed. I think it best to write thoughts down now and organize them later.

I really don’t have much interest at moment in advertising my thoughts about Westray. Maybe I can convince myself otherwise but most days it seems there isn’t whole lot of interest in listening to what I have to say. I say this even though I have been part of couple interviews. Three speeches and countless nights at kitchen tables talking about my memories. Most people only listen for few minutes anyways then return to regular programming. They quickly get the 1000 yard stare. Tell me to forget about it and move on. In many ways I have packed it away. 25 years of practice and I have become pretty good at going my own way. I am writing down my thoughts as they come to me so this post I intend will be sort of a scrapbook. It will therefore be a bit disjointed at times. My intention is to someday weave it all together into a book by putting the threads and yarn in a palatable sequence.

I just thought I’d start a diary chronicling the how Westray Mine has involved my life. How I have dealt with it with varying degrees of success and how I think I have finally moved on.

I never chose the Limelight. A long time ago it chose me. I wish sometimes that I could have lived out my life by the river in anonymity. But that wasn’t the choice for me.



Free speech has been pushed through the meat saw of political correctness. It has in many ways come to pass and be accepted that a good speech crush no sensibilities, cross no intersections, bury no indentities. Cries of Facism and Systemic Oppression reign supreme. Truth now takes a back seat to expediency.

This tide has swept through the mainstream media, to the blogosphere, then on to business and academia to wider world as well. This Doctrine is enforced by a new age Maoist Red Guard. The supposedly benign good intentions to some a force for political control on everyone else.

This PC culture has become a binding code of silence on the free flow of information and the dissemination of truth. Instilling the fear of offense makes it easier for the puppetmasters to enact their four score conspiracies on a dumbed down society.

There will always the bold contrarians among us. Those given the task to offend societies sensibilities in the sometimes vain effort to break the chains of thought control. At one time those men and women would be praised. Now they are scorned. Called the Crazy Uncle. Or worse. Often treated with contempt. Laughed at when they tire of the farce and turn away.

I grew in a world of Sesame Street and Star Wars. A world of Big Bird and make believe. Counted myself a contrarian yet at the crucial pivot in my life I relied on others to decide what bits of a story would stitched to a narrative about a tragedy that should never have happened in the first place. It was a grave mistake to make.

Today looking out the window of my house where I live to the valley below rain and wind rules the day.  On days like this it is best to stay inside. In Nova Scotia the drear, wet and wind forces those who are wise to seek shelter and stay warm. It reminds me of a day 25 years ago. A day that started with a phone call early on Saturdsy morning. On that the rain was cold and the wind were pelting.

Looking back now I cannot help but wonder about the, coulda’s, woulda’s and shoulda’s. Wonder too how that timeline would have played out in a world of email, text messages and social media.

The World of Mainstream news has spent much of past year fretting about the scrourge of so-called “fake news”. So pervasive they claim on the internet. They pine for good old days when editors in smoky rooms would decided what news would be told.

Media types will claim that those were the good ole days. A time when news was told that was true. Nothing broadcast without being fact checked.

Those days are long gone. In its place has sprung a wild west of information no more than a mouseclick away. Some good and some bad were the power to offend and be equally offended reigns supreme.

I had planned to let these two weeks pass. It was supposed to be a time of quiet personal reflection. But as happens often in my life a phone call would change my plans. Sitting down to another interview I realized how far I have come.

There are 5 stages of grief. Six for me if you count self loathing.

When I got the latest phone call to talk about Westray I at first just slumped in my chair. Wondering if it is worth the risk to tell the truth. Yet soon I saw it as my opportunity to set the record straight. Right a few wrongs that years have shaded away

On the drive home from New Glasgow without a cell phone connecting me to world and some introspection I charted my path from there to now. Until last year I meandered thru the first four stages. I suppose that was my bargain to help squeeze me thru the days.

On May 29th 1992 I left the first interview thinking I was courageous and done my bit. Thought that it should be left to others to decide how best to do right thing. Put my faith in the smoky backrooms that news would not end up fake. I waited by ended up stuck in one day. A day as it has turned out that is officially denied by those who know far better than I. Permanently cast the victim I willingly accepted the blame.

Once I was fully subsumed in the pathology of the victim.


Looking back at that picture and the words I cannot help but laugh at the effect. That article was sold as venerification of the victim with me the willing participant to its intent. I have been told been one of the most read stories on that magazine’s website. It ended up winning an award in journalism a couple years back. Soon after this followed an interview on CBC and another piece, much along same lines in Chronicle Herald. The self described paper of record for Nova Scotia.

Still I was pulling threads from the same coat.

I am writing this in part to correct some errors in past reporting. When I started this I was drawing from a memory 20 years old. While doing background work for Closure piece I had made a request to RCMP for a copy of my statement. Mostly to confirm and where needed correct my timelime in the days before and after May 9th. Whether on purpose or not at the time the Mounties didn’t oblige and instead ignored me. Hoping I suppose that I would just go away. As a result that story was published with an error. Phillips, Parry and Eagles showed up not on 6th of May but on the 22nd.

I would not know of this error until a year or so later. Still stewing in my malaise I decided to once again try and get my statement. Much ado and run around later I received it as per my request. Well sort of. I have a copy of it somewhere in house but when document finally arrived what I was in possession of was not a full transcript of my statement to RCMP but instead a redacted version of it. Reading it you would think I was investigating the grassy knoll. Yet even thru the ommitance I could parse, confirm and where needed revise my memories of those times.

So the call answered the local paper in New Glasgow turned on the wayback machine. After doing several interviews and speeches I am never sure how was going to go.


I am happy I did it. Maybe the door can be finally closed.

I keep saying I will write a book. Maybe some day I will. There are still bits that could be told but for now I am good.



Something I wrote on Saturday in response to fellow who wrote the Evening News Article

He thought I should write that book….

Might be good idea to write down for history. I have made some attempts at writing it but seem to freeze up when I put pen to paper. A friend or two have offered to be a ghost writer. Maybe that is way to go.

I have more or less packed it away. Talking about doesnt churn up deep held feelings like it once did. It does help to talk. Doing has helped remove me emotionally so that I can see it dispassionately from the third person. Still driving this morning from town that day in May has become a mark on my soul. A hinge and pivot in my life squirrled down a memory hole. Forgotten to history.

People say forget about it and move on. That is a tall glass of milk to drink when you give up a career for something everyone denies happening.

Yet that is what I have done. Most days. Once the 9th passes and spring turns to flowers the memories will receed. Maybe time does heal. I didnt always believe that but I am getting older and need to enjoy what life I have in front of me.

I think I owe it to the 26 to do just that.


I would like to send something to you that I have written to proof read. It might be end of week before it is done. I decided to be in news again. Hopefully for the last time. If I get it done as I’m kinda stuck right now. I still haven’t made up my mind on posting my thoughts to the wider world but if you are up for it I’ll forward to Admin then he can forward on to you.

Like you my goal at this stage is to leave a bit of a record. It is the only noble cause that is left as far as I am concerned. And I’m with you about what is next and more importantly what is important. It might be a bit selfish but best use of my time now is helping those around me, as you say, who are nearest, to weather the storm.

If that makes me clueless as well, then I am gladly guilty as charged.

These days I gaze up at the stars rather look down at the earth. But like you this doesn’t necessarily mean that my head is in clouds. There are many who would say that but having done the calculus the best course of action now is to put the shutters on house for coming storm. There is a certain grim reality to what is coming but I am finding by solving for x I can enjoy now and still maybe have a laugh or two…


A Bug’s Thoughts


I was having conversation online with a holocaust denier. Yep them folks are real. Likely nice man burdened by a misplaced focus in his life.

He wrote:

Why can’t the Holocaust industry admit the truth – Zyklon B was a delousing agent, no one was gassed, and 6 million did not die. Denying those truths are a symptom of the insanity of the Jewish Lobby.

I replied with:

  1. Hoefletelegram.jpg


This is a telegram. Written in German sent from Hoefle in Poland to Eichmann in Berlin. Google it. I had been asked if I had citation for concentration of HCL in air required to kill a human. It was easy to find and makes sense to me that concentrations and exposure times required to kill lice are so much higher than for humans. It has been said that once the Nuclear holocaust occurs the only things left living will be simple lifeforms like these.


Yep 600 million years or so from sometime in near future by framework of geological time the evolved descendents of the worms and bugs left alive will once again be pondering the great mysteries of faith.

Deniers with eight legs and antennae will be back on the interwebs fighting furiously on their bums with thumbs with the historians. All the while the worms deep underground having discovered the nuclear genie will once again be plotting the end of the world.

The only thing that will stop this insanity is the depletion of hydrogen fuel supply in the sun. Then transformed the star will expand into Red Giant. Dealing once and for all an end to our insanity.






Have a Drink Mika

I haven’t read 1984 in years but still have it somewhere in my house. Should read it again. My high school English teacher would be proud even if my allusion was unintenional. So synchronicity strikes again.

I wrote my attempt at fake news on Friday. Then I get up next day and see your article. I had spent the whole week watching daily press briefings. Each day getting more pissed off about lack of interest by the press in Farkas affair. Wanted to post a rant but instead went with the Bears. Then you beat me to the punch with a much better review.

I have been doing more reading about Dr. Farkas today. Now I am really pissed. No wonder Gowdy was so insistent on asking about masking when questioning Comey. I didn’t realize this before today but that woman gave that interview on MSNBC on March 2nd. The Trump tweet on March 4th makes much more sense now taken in that context. How is that it took almost the whole month of March for this to become a story.

These clowns in MSM keep harping about “fake news” yet this occurs right in front of them. Then they hope and pray for it to just go away. Disappear down memory hole.

A sad indictment of legacy media. It wasn’t that long ago that Mika proclaimed herself the arbiter of truth in News. An Epic fail on her part if you ask me. If they had any credibility it is now gone.

Why hasn’t MSM put 2 + 2 together and asked if the reason for Trumps tweets was because of what Farkas said.


Poor Mika had a chance to put ham on the sandwich but chose not to while looking the other way. Her claims to holding keys to our news are ringing ever more shallow with each passing day. Time to get serious about something Mika! Ya ain’t getting any younger so being a pole dancer is likely out of the question.

Why not try drinking instead.