Just do It!

It is reassuring to my ongoing battle with sanity to hear that others have same conversations. Curse aloud at things beyond one’s control.

Indifference is the workshop of the Oppressors which manufactures fools who run errands for Hope and Change to Make America Great Again

I have over the past five years done much reflecting on a life lived. Come to realize that I have been waiting for a train that has always and always will be running one hour late. The only solution for the individual to survive what is coming is to change tact and plot a different course.

My Son just finished building a woodshed for his Mom. He helped me finish interior of my garage last fall and decided that if the old man could do it then so could he. I went up to help him last weekend with the roof. Returned the favour by helping to build something for him.

It was amazing and humbling as it made clear that my role in life is to raise my children to be good adults.

Actions speak louder than words.
and the example leads the way.

What can be done?

If you build it.
They will come

and most important of all


Why just sit eating donuts.
Better to make them instead


Villas by the Sea


Weather changes. It always has. Just 20000 years ago the place where I live was buried under several thousand feet of ice. And yet without help of cars or factories it all melted. None of that climate change was driven by man. Could other factors be at play.

The problem with all this alarmist talk is the lack of solutions. The greenies like DiCaprio and Gore will blather about reducing this and taxing that. Yet when curtain falls they turn tail, scamper back to private jets to get home to their gated 10000 sq ft mansions.


If Leonardo wuz so worried about Mutha Earf he’d sell his hovel in Malibu, donate the proceeds to Uncle Sam and move to the Hood in Compton. But everybody knows that ain’t gonna happen. Nope instead he gets to keep his fucken money and the rest of us scraping by get to pay a carbon tax for the right to breathe the same air as him.

The warmers can either put up or shut up.

They need to

1) Quit thinking that EV’s alone will solve emissions.

An Electric Car is the ultimate NIMBY vehicle. Those cars can only drive around toney neighbourhoods by shitting in someone elses backyard.

2) Get an agreement to get India, China and Russia on board.

What is the point leaving them out of binding agreements. It is just one moar reason for Capital to move to those less restrictive environs. But maybe that is the plan.

3) Forget about the Carbon Credits/Taxes

How does it help poverty in places like Sub-Saharan Africa to be trading carbon credits with some tin pot dictator that doesn’t give a fuck about the people he supposedly represents. All that money will then just flow right back to City of London or a Bank in Switzerland.

There needs to be real solutions that don’t involve starving and freezing the middle class into poverty to reduce a gas that isn’t even a pollutant.

But it doesn’t fucken matter anyways. Most of cars being built for roads today will still be on them 20 years from now. The economy cannot just pull a 180 and go in completely different direction. If a decree was issued tomorrow banning coal, diesel and Nat Gas for Electtical generation what would happen to the Just in Time Economy that provides me will Oranges on a Tuesday from South Africa.

Carbon Dioxide will increase one way or the other.

You can..


Book that Danno!

But maaaaybe that is the underlying plan.

Crush the trade.
Crush the will. And
Crush the population.

Agenda 21 might not be so far fetched after all if Gore and DiCaprio have their way. They wont be worried though. When the Barbarians are at the Gates, as with Rome they will slip away. And like the Nobles of so long ago they will ride out the coming dark age in their Villas by the Sea.



Scribbling s from Burning Platform

I am a regular on a blog called burning platform.

I am posting some comments I made there here. For the record and maybe for future use in book.



Sons of vengeance, can you rescue me
They got me tied up to an old oak tree
They had me screamin’ and alone in the night
I’m beginning to see what’s wrong and what is right
What is wrong and what is right, oh, what is wrong and what is right

The gates was gettin’ rusty, as we sailed into the dark
The stars were out and shinin’ against the moonlit hour
The wolves were out and howlin’, most of the time
And I was cold and shiverin’ and bleedin’ in the night
Bleedin’ in the night, oh, bleedin’ in the night

Screaming in the night, fighting for my life, I’d die for you
I knew it all along, headed for the sun, our love was true (our love was true)
Screaming in the night, fighting for my life, I’d die for you
I knew it all along, headed for the sun, our love was true, oh

In the corner of the valley, we took him by surprise
The sound of steel rang loud, above the battle cries
I found her lying lifeless, dagger through her heart
I picked her up, and held her high, and I swore to be avenged
Swore to the best, oh swore to be avenged, oh


Like many will no doubt add in comments this is a great place to vent and hear honesty. For all the logical fallacies this place is the antidote. It provides me the rails to keep me on the road.

As for the “boob ads” all I can ad is that I do my part lookin’ at the G’s

This particular thread was involved with free speech, the decay of America. It devolved into religion and Jews as it often does.


As for nationality, pay attention.. much…. you. Everybody around here should know by now that I am an American… with Benefits.

As for my edjamacation. I got one. Plenty of it. 7 years of post secondary and a lifetime of hard knocks. Gotta say that I am so glad that you have everything figured out. Me not so much but I am with the help of this blog and others finding my way.

Anyways keep reading your book. I have found it makes a great door stopper at the outhouse but by the guidance of Odin please don’t get hung up on Leviticus. It tends to make folks who take things too serious uptight cunts. That would be you if you haven’t figured it out.

But other than that hope you have a great day!

Cheers from right coast..

Yours in Odin,



I asked this question after reading the banter.



I have a question for you since you have made it clear many times that you don’t like the direction of TBP. I get where you are coming from but as distastful as some of topics might be I think they should be discussed.

I was wondering what you would propose as parameters for suitable content. How much anti-semitism is enough for you.

None or just some.

What if one day a week was devoted to an anti-semitic dog pile.

Does it really matter anymore seeing as this place and most of the regulars were tarred with alt-right label by the Marxists a long time ago. I could list plenty of examples of this IRL where toning it down or apologizing did not make any difference. There is plenty of proof that the minds of the Social Justice Warriors lurking in comments on Buzzfeed or CuNNt news have hardened to concrete so tough that even Jesus and Disciples wouldn’t be able to find a way through.

Serious though. What should be done?


He responded


Rob – anything where Jews are tarred with a wide brush is despicable to me. Want to discuss specifically what Israel does, not an issue. When folks make ridiculous claims about great Jewish conspiracies, and put the ((())) bullshit around comments, and then claim they are not anti-Semites, I object. Play the facts. And simply because Jews are successful does not make them evil. It makes them smart, with high IQs, well-educated, well-organized, dedicated to what helps them, and with a proclivity towards certain indistry owing, largely, to the anti-Semitism they faced over the millennia.

Combine that with the Holocaust denial, the slavering endorsement of all things Hitlerian, the swastikas, the images of Jews with hooked noses, the ((())), etc., and it all adds up to a concerted anti-Semitic narrative, don’t you think? And just how does that, ever, contribute to Admin’s vision? It is a steady bombardment from a cerain faction around here, and I object to it. All of it.


I get where you are coming lloph but is it better to ban or to confront. On a Family trip to Cape Breton I ended up in an argument at dinner with several In-Laws about “fighting Nazis” Please forgive the air quotes but I have to use them. Why? Well that is simple. Nobody I was breaking bread with that night wanted to define what being a Nazi actually means. Instead they pointed to Charlottesville and evoked pictures of a man carrying “the” flag.

Anyways they used the logical fallacy that because that man was there at rally that everyone who protested with him fought for his ideology. The same logic flows here. Isn’t it dangerous obviously for anyone to subscribe to that view. Equally dangerous is someone somewhere deciding that a Nazi should be de-platformed.

Who knows for sure what his his intentions were that day.

Maybe he was exercising deep held white supremacist beliefs.
Maybe he was a plant sent by Anitfa.
Maybe he was just testing the waters to see how safe the first Amendment really is.

At the dinner I spoke of above, one young Lady, who went to of all places Liberty University, launched into me with absolute rage at my audacity to say that is wrong to tear down Statues. Why? Well because in her mind if you are not with her then you are with the Nazis and White Supremacists.


Say we let them do that. What happens next..Will others decide. Or will decent folk who rather not offend self censor. Does that then lead to the safe spaces we have all come here to deplore.

I get it about stereotypes. Hook noses and Jew Conspiracies are not great entrance to an intelligent debate. But exist they do to be confronted not run away from. Besides like I said before this place has alt right label from Marxists anyways. That horse left barn long time ago. Making nice with them now will only result in a new list of demands.

That is why TBP is so great!

Folks around here will listen, respond in kind and most important of all have a sense of humour.


It was a Jew that figured out E=mc2. Score one for the Joos. It helped end the Second World War by nukin’ the Japs twice.

I’d write moar but I am building a step. Since it is afternoon I might even now have a beer. Might have something else to add later…..The terms were unconditional surrender. Nothing else.

The war criminal Hirohito sez right in his acceptance speech at his retirement party from Deity to household pet….

from his speech..


someone wrote in response. Not a surprise seeing as I was being intentionally inflammatory.

Surprised this myth still persists on TBP. The japs were already trying to surrender before we dropped those bombs on them. The US demanded the ‘unconditional surrender’ of Japan. Their ‘condition’ of surrender was that we allow their silly little Emperor to retain his throne rather than be prosecuted for war crimes. In the end, we allowed this, after needlessly frying two cities full of civilians with zero military significance. In fact, we purposely didn’t bomb those two cities like we did many others to conduct these little science experiments on them.


to which I said.

The terms were unconditional surrender. Nothing else.

The war criminal Hirohito sez right in his acceptance speech at his retirement party from Deity to household pet….

from his speech..

“To strive for the common prosperity and happiness of all nations as well as the security and well-being of Our subjects is the solemn obligation which has been handed down by Our Imperial Ancestors, and which We lay close to heart. Indeed, We declared war on America and Britain out of Our sincere desire to secure Japan’s self-preservation and the stabilization of East Asia, it being far from Our thought either to infringe upon the sovereignty of other nations or to embark upon territorial aggrandisement. But now the war has lasted for nearly four years. Despite the best that has been done by every one — the gallant fighting of military and naval forces, the diligence and assiduity of Our servants of the State and the devoted service of Our one hundred million people, the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage, while the general trends of the world have all turned against her interest. Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb,[2] the power of which to do damage is indeed incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives. Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of human civilization. Such being the case, how are We to save the millions of Our subjects; or to atone Ourselves before the hallowed spirits of Our Imperial Ancestors? ”

and here is the money shot…

“This is the reason why We have ordered the acceptance of the provisions of the Joint Declaration of the Powers.”


I started on project for day thinking this some more.


A good project for my somewhat flawed mind. A person learns a lot about existential ideas laying random rock hoping to find a pattern. It is easy to start out with a plan and yet it all changes once the first rock is laid.

Eventually after a few bloody knuckles things start falling into place. Patterns appear. The different colours meld. The gaps between each stone get filled with gravel. Occasionally to make things fit there is no choice but to pick up a hammer. Knock off a few corners to make the rocks fit.

The closer to the end the more difficult the task. The hardest rock being the last. Finding that keystone the completes the picture and end the day.

The crux for me is whether there is a need for a Diety. Why is there this strong urge among so many to share belief with others. Is it good enough to have just a household pet.

As to the question of the day. The Jews lie square at the heart of competing Theologies. Most who adhere blinded by their dogma. Rather than fitting the stones the best they can most appear willing to stand, fight and sometimes die on a hill to protect something that should be shared by all.

As for Japan that silly little Emperor was the God King of the Japanese Nation. The reason for insisting on Unconditional surrender was because the Allies had to kill their God to save their country.

This song has been playing today. Looping. On its surface it is a fluffy dance club love song from 1982. But listen more closer and a darker meaning appears.

I will end by saying the premise being presented here is likely far off base from what Stucky is trolling for. But these are my thoughts today.

Now finished for day. Tomorrow I might start the step to road.
Done with rock. On to the wood… time for a beer.

In a perfect world where all rocks conform I suppose one can start with cornerstone. However the real world in which I live is much like my stone path. Random shapes that have to be cobbled together into something that works. I think you have read me wrong. I am not framing my life to my liking. Rather I am using the bits I am given to make the best way possible.


The Zero Emission Ruse

All the greenies blathering on about Electric cars only succeeds in skirting the real debate that should be had. Those batteries only store energy. The focus should start with how energy is produced. Wind and solar will never replace demand load on grid of a modern industrial economy. Coal has been vilified and right now the push in new power generation is NatGas. Burning it produces the same maligned CO2.

These folks pushing this agenda will, if successful, only be able to flaunt zero emissions by shitting on the floor in someone else’s house.


Finding my Style

Well I am still shooting hoops and trying things out. I have started to regain my somewhat lost sense of humour. Maybe you can understand this considering your own experience but I had to remove myself from that scene. I kept it too close and secure for too long that it became something I could only talk about in first person. Not something that would be interesting to anyone else but me. I have for quite some time wrestled with the message. There also has to be a lesson to the moral dilemma that situation I found myself in posed. I think I have one now.

Right now I am making excuses for not writing. Weather is nice but I have a week off in August. Thinking I will try and organize what is written so far. I have basic outline done so it shouldnt be too hard too get rolling.

I am enjoying the process of writing. I find it both amazing and surprising. I noticed before when I wrote that everything I wrote had a gentle tug that veered towards that coalmine. Lately though I have started varying the topic. Injecting a bit of humour and farce into subjects.

I suppose I am still experimenting with a style I can feel comfortable with. Yesterday I wrote a comment to follow JQ’s ruminations of being in a funk about the point of writing.

Funny there are days when I labour to write 100 words in a coherent fashion. Yet yesterday I wrote a bit, albeit a short piece, in about half an hour.

I am always surprised when something I write turns into something I like and more importantly for others as well. Reading Jim’s post I felt I had to respond. I have told him many times how important this blog has been to me.

Mucking about here has taught me the rudiments of composition. I still have much to learn but I can see the progression. Uncola, HSF, many others and of course Jim Quinn himself are great mentors in ways they likely don’t fully appreciate.

Here I am rambling along.

Anyways as for our buddy the shock man. Well I have to shake my head at the farce he presides over. I may be a simple man but I have always been leery of anyone who claimed to have the answers to everything.

An oracle he is not.

Still I wonder what the issue was with the supposed heresy


The Killing Joke

I have myself been in a bit of a rut when it comes to comments. I suppose it was inevitable and inexorable. I posted short bit in a thread where I often comment yesterday but for most part I seem all tapped out for outrage these days. Not much left to say really. Still wish more people would take the red pill in order to prepare for what is coming. But wishing is as pointless as farting in a car with the windows rolled up. The stink only gets on you. Maybe if more got on board the date with iceberg could be postponed. For a while. But maybe it is better to grab a seat and enjoy the band.

I have often asked myself why more folks don’t confront the normalcy bias and outright fraud in media. Lately though I have come to conclusion that for many it is a normal defense to deny reality in order to push forward the reality of fate that awaits with increasing certainty with each passing day.

It does tire to wait for the maelstrom and no sane person should yearn for the coming calamity.

And yet some days I do.

Whatever the case the bell is about to be rung. On Friday last week I went to Quebec City to see Metallica and to take part in a spectacle on Plains of Abraham with 100000 plus other Metalheads. Most middle aged like me and trying I suppose to relive for one last time a moment from a misspent youth. It was a fitting concert and playlist to what is currently under way in the world.

I may put thumb to phone and type a screed to capture my thoughts on weekend.


If this had happened a year or two ago I am more than certain that any thoughts I had would veer to the grandstands of outrage. Not anymore. Whether it is Polar Bears in Nova Scotia or Valhalla I have come to the conclusion that while we headed for the cliff most either don’t care or denying the coming calamity. With that in mind I sometimes envy their comfort in ignorance and bliss.

So like the solder fighting on the Western front, squatting for days in the muck and the shit of the trench, I have found that the only defense left that works for me is a fatalistic gallows humour used as a soothe and balm to get thru the days before we are ordered over the top.

It would be nice to think that those who prepare best will survive the most. But as with war outcome will no doubt be arbitrary and without any mercy. Like those poor souls on all sides at Gallipoli it will not matter how good you are at bracing yourself when the bullets begin to rain down.

We live in a world of Great Apes dressed in fancy suits masquerading as men. Primitive and invariably a joke. So for now all that is left me at least is to occasionally spit on the ground and have a laugh at the insanity.