The Killing Joke

I have myself been in a bit of a rut when it comes to comments. I suppose it was inevitable and inexorable. I posted short bit in a thread where I often comment yesterday but for most part I seem all tapped out for outrage these days. Not much left to say really. Still wish more people would take the red pill in order to prepare for what is coming. But wishing is as pointless as farting in a car with the windows rolled up. The stink only gets on you. Maybe if more got on board the date with iceberg could be postponed. For a while. But maybe it is better to grab a seat and enjoy the band.

I have often asked myself why more folks don’t confront the normalcy bias and outright fraud in media. Lately though I have come to conclusion that for many it is a normal defense to deny reality in order to push forward the reality of fate that awaits with increasing certainty with each passing day.

It does tire to wait for the maelstrom and no sane person should yearn for the coming calamity.

And yet some days I do.

Whatever the case the bell is about to be rung. On Friday last week I went to Quebec City to see Metallica and to take part in a spectacle on Plains of Abraham with 100000 plus other Metalheads. Most middle aged like me and trying I suppose to relive for one last time a moment from a misspent youth. It was a fitting concert and playlist to what is currently under way in the world.

I may put thumb to phone and type a screed to capture my thoughts on weekend.


If this had happened a year or two ago I am more than certain that any thoughts I had would veer to the grandstands of outrage. Not anymore. Whether it is Polar Bears in Nova Scotia or Valhalla I have come to the conclusion that while we headed for the cliff most either don’t care or denying the coming calamity. With that in mind I sometimes envy their comfort in ignorance and bliss.

So like the solder fighting on the Western front, squatting for days in the muck and the shit of the trench, I have found that the only defense left that works for me is a fatalistic gallows humour used as a soothe and balm to get thru the days before we are ordered over the top.

It would be nice to think that those who prepare best will survive the most. But as with war outcome will no doubt be arbitrary and without any mercy. Like those poor souls on all sides at Gallipoli it will not matter how good you are at bracing yourself when the bullets begin to rain down.

We live in a world of Great Apes dressed in fancy suits masquerading as men. Primitive and invariably a joke. So for now all that is left me at least is to occasionally spit on the ground and have a laugh at the insanity.


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