The Search for Jackalope

A couple months back I made journey to the shore. It was winter then and the urge was strong to search for metaphorical Polar Bears. Although camera was unconvinced I did glimpse what appeared to be on the horizon the faint outline of that elusive beast. Seasons change here in Nova Scotia. So I have made my way once more to the shore. No longer Looking for Bears the search is now for the shape shifting Jackalope.

The Jackalope is according to Wikipedia an animal of North American folklore described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. Reports of occasional sightings aside, there still is no concrete evidence of their existence.

And yet still there are rumours that persist.

Is there some underlying conspiracy to suppress evidence?
Can we trust anyone to find the truth?
Is this the reason for the theft of legumes and lettuce from gardens year after year?

Those questions need answers.
So what is an absolutely deplorable person to do!

Why not suggest a government sponsored investigation.
If one is good. And two is better. Then three would be just great.

Bets placed I doubt Donald Trump had this in mind when he decided to Make America Great Again.

Still with all this firepower focused it shouldn’t be long before we have answers.

They should be able to find the evidence.
Maybe spot the collusion.
Single out those responsible for the theft.

So it was with that in mind that I made my way to shores of Northumberland Strait in the Province of Nova Scotia. Where there have been sightings of this elusive beast. So off I went, with my beer and chips, to settle in for a night of watching the Blue Jays on TV and critters scuffling in the yard.

Every once in a while I put the drinks and treats aside. Casting my eyes to the setting sun. At some point I heard a stir. Excited and rushing onto the deck I did my best to capture the essence of the elusive chase.

So it is with my quest and another underway in Washington. Mine though is halfhearted and prone to metaphor. The one in the swamps of Washington however is malignant with pettiness, graft and deceit. There, the unnamed sources are readily supplying grist to the mills in the morass. Their intent is the undermining of a Presidency. It is made crystal clear nightly by the Fake News, Fake Boobs and their intentions to leave no rocks not turned.

This bread and circus of push-up bras and pancake makeup in a modern day Forum where the blood and guts get set aside, replaced instead by deflection and hyperbole.

But for me at least sometimes it is best to rest, enjoy a beer, maybe two. Fix the things that need fixing in my home. The things I can do to make my life better.

My day ends with the Jays losing again. Still there is time to live for another day.

In the morning, awakened by the chug of boats out collecting lobsters on water, I decided put aside the search. Instead enjoyed my tea and toast on the deck. And even though the mosquitoes and black flies were by times annoying I managed to survey the vista and take in the start to another glorious day.

Through it all the flag, tussled by the steady breeze stood firm in the wind.


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