The Saw

I was left to my own devices on weekend. Wife had bugged out to spend a weekend with D-in-Law along with GrandKids at a camp in Annapolis Valley. I had graciously declined to go with excuse that work needed to be done around house. So Saturday morning. I got up and burned an old shed that was falling down on my property. Got it done although it took all day.


I have to say one best tool purchases I have made is a reciprocating saw. Just like this one. A fella can cut up into small pieces just about anything that can then be easily disposed of in a burn barrel. So I did my bit for Carbon Cycle. By end of the day, several beers and few hot dogs cooked au naturel, I was done.

I had lots of time that day to think about the mess this Province is in and whether folks here are going to vote to jump into the abyss. I’d say odds are they’re gonna. The NDP is making no bones about running deficits. Promising to spend at least 250 million more than we have per year. Not to be outdone they are also promising a 15 dollar min wage. Pissing and moaning that we need moar investments in roads. Moar investments in Health Care.

Who is going to pay for all this. But we all know the answer to that. It’s a two-fer. It is deficits up the ass and a kick in the nuts when you buy a burger. For fuck sakes!

I’d say the NDP have a winning strategy. Most folks live way beyond their means. Why stop now. Maintenant tous le monde dites! Laissez bons temps roulé. So it goes as it seems hardly anyone worries about paying for stuff anyone. Folks want to go on vacation, maybe they think they really need that30,000 RV. Don’t have the money. No problem!

They are suckers for the “do I have a deal for you”. Drive away…No Money down, with only 20 fucken’ years to pay.


Yep by the time they actually own the thing it ain’t worth the gas to haul it away. All these folks then will be at my door wanting to borrow my saw. I’d like to say fat chance, you ain’t gettin’ my stuff. But we all know how this story ends.


You can count on these ten cent millionaires using the government to steal my saw. Adding insult to their indiscretions they will force me to cut it up and haul it away.


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