What me Worry


Posted as fair use. Gotta admit what you wrote makes great commentary on current events. Today I ran into a guy at dump. My wife and I are doing reno at my house and so I had some junk to throw out. He was doing the same, exchanging pleasantries, shitty weather that sort of thing, and then words get to Trump and current events. Of course me being the only declared MAGA for hundreds of miles he wanted my take on travesty at 1600 Penn. I should have let loose but I don’t have the stomach anymore to argue with these guys. They hate Donald and want him gone. Same ole same ole…

So it’s me standing there wanting to talk about the house on fire and he instead wants to talk about the drapes. I don’t get it. The economy is going to shit and all people want to talk about is Trump’s twitter feed. I could have brought up economy but what is point.


I’d rather leave that to the Quinns and Gores of the world. Folks with a much finer eye than I when it comes to numbers and sense. Still a quick look around and only a dumbfuck would bite the wormy apple MSNBC and Jim Cramer are trying to sell us to keep this Ponzi scheme afloat.


Mad Money alright!

The economy is getting readied to be put thru the wood-chipper but what worries me now is the Deep State kicking stones in parking lots and pissing on tires all the while with a HARD-ON for wars.

And with who?

These days I need a rolodex to keep track of the enemy du jour.

Today it’s North Korea and missiles.
Couple days ago it was Syria and Crematoriums.
Before that Russia in Ukraine.
China building Islands.
Iran and it’s Nuclear Program.

Now details are emerging today that Seth Rich was the one responsible for DNC leak. This coming after it is documented that Tony Podesta let loose a cryptic email long before this man was murdered. Still just threats from men for mice. All the Russian influence speculation flying around and we have an email written that sounds mafioso in tone to this schmuck living in the hinterlands of North America.


But most are trained to look the other way. Who can resist the allure of the Lever People and the mystery box, eight days a week!

Why doesn’t someone in Mainstream media pick up a phone today and call this dumbfuck Molesta and ask him exactly what the fuck he meant. Apparently this guy is above the law. In the world of the dirt people where I live a statement like that would make me a person of interest in a murder investigation. But not Tony’s world.

It is a classic horror film starring millions of too addled to care about a bigger picture.


Soon to be in the can. They will realize too late that they have no paper to wipe their ass.


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