He’s done!

Well there has been much ado about what Trump needs to change to set his administration back on track. My opinion is there is no Presidency left to save. He has decided to follow vain pursuits and take that road to York.

Stick a fork in him.


He’s done!

The promises to drain the swamp have been too quickly set aside. Trump has abandoned what got him elected to make nice with those who’s first aim has always been to destroy him. He let his hubris cloud his judgement by thinking he alone could stick his hand into that swampy pit of Vipers and not get bit.

Thinking this was just the latest installment of Apprentice, he started out season giving enemies a chance to prove what they could do. And they have done lots. It is too late now to start firing people one at a time when what should have been done was wholesale house cleaning on the first day in office.

Now he complains about all the leaks. What exactly did he expect! The Repugnian Establishment has and always will be against him. They have been throwing up roadblocks every step of the way on the path to nomination. Just weeks before election Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz and countless others were distancing themselves from his election run. And somehow we all supposed to believe that they all had some sort of epiphany on the road to Damascus in aftermath of an improbable election win.

His greatest mistake was to cast aside the Great Heathen Army that elected him. He will end up like another leader, from long ago. Ending his days wallowing in the pit being bitten by those snakes he had promised to destroy.


Trump is just Ragnar Lodbrok with a comb over and a fancy 3 piece suit.


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