Have a Drink Mika

I haven’t read 1984 in years but still have it somewhere in my house. Should read it again. My high school English teacher would be proud even if my allusion was unintenional. So synchronicity strikes again.

I wrote my attempt at fake news on Friday. Then I get up next day and see your article. I had spent the whole week watching daily press briefings. Each day getting more pissed off about lack of interest by the press in Farkas affair. Wanted to post a rant but instead went with the Bears. Then you beat me to the punch with a much better review.

I have been doing more reading about Dr. Farkas today. Now I am really pissed. No wonder Gowdy was so insistent on asking about masking when questioning Comey. I didn’t realize this before today but that woman gave that interview on MSNBC on March 2nd. The Trump tweet on March 4th makes much more sense now taken in that context. How is that it took almost the whole month of March for this to become a story.

These clowns in MSM keep harping about “fake news” yet this occurs right in front of them. Then they hope and pray for it to just go away. Disappear down memory hole.

A sad indictment of legacy media. It wasn’t that long ago that Mika proclaimed herself the arbiter of truth in News. An Epic fail on her part if you ask me. If they had any credibility it is now gone.

Why hasn’t MSM put 2 + 2 together and asked if the reason for Trumps tweets was because of what Farkas said.


Poor Mika had a chance to put ham on the sandwich but chose not to while looking the other way. Her claims to holding keys to our news are ringing ever more shallow with each passing day. Time to get serious about something Mika! Ya ain’t getting any younger so being a pole dancer is likely out of the question.

Why not try drinking instead.


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