A Bug’s Thoughts


I was having conversation online with a holocaust denier. Yep them folks are real. Likely nice man burdened by a misplaced focus in his life.

He wrote:

Why can’t the Holocaust industry admit the truth – Zyklon B was a delousing agent, no one was gassed, and 6 million did not die. Denying those truths are a symptom of the insanity of the Jewish Lobby.

I replied with:

  1. Hoefletelegram.jpg


This is a telegram. Written in German sent from Hoefle in Poland to Eichmann in Berlin. Google it. I had been asked if I had citation for concentration of HCL in air required to kill a human. It was easy to find and makes sense to me that concentrations and exposure times required to kill lice are so much higher than for humans. It has been said that once the Nuclear holocaust occurs the only things left living will be simple lifeforms like these.


Yep 600 million years or so from sometime in near future by framework of geological time the evolved descendents of the worms and bugs left alive will once again be pondering the great mysteries of faith.

Deniers with eight legs and antennae will be back on the interwebs fighting furiously on their bums with thumbs with the historians. All the while the worms deep underground having discovered the nuclear genie will once again be plotting the end of the world.

The only thing that will stop this insanity is the depletion of hydrogen fuel supply in the sun. Then transformed the star will expand into Red Giant. Dealing once and for all an end to our insanity.






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