Waiting for the Melt

So, what is it with female assistant professors, and womyn researchers…

The other day while I was talking over fence to my neighbour Jacques Shelaque and along with conversation about Polar Bears we got to talking about this as well. We both concluded that reason they have this strong urge to compile flawed lists is that they view this world thru a problematic lens of a Failing Liberal Dogma. Which is with much irony paid for in large part by their penchant for pretentious eyewear.


Orwell’s world of 1984 has indeed come to pass when a woman of no consequence thinks she is doing God’s work carrying water for the Deep State. There has to be an amazing level of persuasion required for a woman of her ilk to be a foot soldier in this world of Sorrows.

What we are witnessing right now is a tear in space/time continuum. The Deep State in their hubris never expected to be defeated in 2016 and so made no plans. This whole battle over “fake news” is just a distraction so that the goys look away while the Deep State and their lackeys in media scramble to find a pair of pants to cover their asses from the tide that left them exposed and their balls on Trump’s chopping block.

One need look no further then the Daily Sean Spicer Briefing. It is for me the new reality TV. There the world has been turned on its ear with not a Woodward or Bernstein anywhere. All the President’s Men are now forced to be the ones telling the truth. A Day Care for Journalists who don’t care.

Here we have Dr. Evelyn Farkas


This woman spills the beans and admits live on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday this week that she was a part of Cabal spying on Trump. Yet all week at those briefings by Spicer there was nary a question raised from 4th estate. The only person bringing Dr. Farkas by name was Mr. Spicer himself. A pathetic display from the media that Ms. Zimdars so fervently defends.

Yet even with all this Jacques and I do not despair. It is early innings and we just need wait for the snow to melt on ground . Then the bears once hidden by the land will exposed by the backdrop of green for all to see.



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