Feet of Clay

All of my heroes have feet of clay. – Hardscrabble Farmer

Another great quote from the Farmer.

Interesting use of metaphor and juxtapostion with the Battle of Salamis. There the outnumbered Greeks won in part because the the Persian navy rowed into the Straits of Salamis. A place where numbers mattered less then depth. There is an appearance that the Media, some elements of Deep State and the Soros funded antifa protesters riling the streets have an overwhelming advantage.

Not so I think.

I am liking all these articles being broke up into parts. It gives me time to rue over the premise. I still am not sure if I want to write about books I am reading sent by YoJimbo. I should but I think it better that I did even if it means getting dogpiled.

TBP is a compelling place to test ideas and what makes our position stronger. Something our opposition in contrast has stopped doing. Contenting themselves that arguments are done they have devolved to a cult where adherence to dogma matters much less than strategy. Their supposed strength is, because of this, a mile wide and an inch deep. While I should despair I see hope.


Much like ancient Persia the swamp is built on an Empire of Sand. Trump and his tweets might yet be the tide that washes it away. Flaws and all, he might just end up being Themistocles.



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