Looking for Bears

There has been much talk for many years about Global warming. Its unseen and seen effects on society.  However the talk this week at the water coolers at workplaces in this part of Canada isn’t how warm it has been. No sir! Instead many cannot help but remark on how cold March has been in Nova Scotia. And folks it has been cold. Some even say one the coldest on record.

This province cannot even keep schools open because the weather has been so bad. Parents everywhere spend many restless nights wondering if little Johnnie will be able to get on the yellow bus the next morning to learn how to read, write and articulate.


Me, I don’t have that problem. The kids are grown. The problem these days does seem much worse. When I was young school didn’t get cancelled unless something truly biblical was taking place. Consequently back then I prayed to the Lord above to grant me my wish and keep me from school. In those days he didn’t listen so well because most days I went.

It seems the demise of Polar Bears by the World Wildlife Fund has been a bit premature with their pronouncements of the impending extinction event about to befall Polar Bears. I contemplated a misspent youth drinking Coke when I could have been drinking Canada Dry.

See last night while surfing the net I found article on CBC news.

I now read that once again the Bears are roaming our shores. Talking to my neighbour Jacques Shelaque and he tells me that the bears, though cuddly looking, have taken to eating cats and dogs since the seals left for Newfoundland.

I took this picture about a month ago at wharf in Arisaig when seals had come ashore to have their pups.

So I decided to fearlessly venture once again to Arisaig to see for myself. I even saw one or two so I grabbed my wife’s cellphone to get it on tape. Somewhat unfortunate it is a Blackberry Curve so camera quality isn’t great. Looking at video though if one looks far enough you can see them on the ice.


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