Trumps Predilections

There is an epic level of hubris on display right now. I have lost count how many times Trump’s enemies have wrote the obit. So far they have been premature. Likely because they cannot ascribe a method to his reductive predilections in 140 characters or less. Trump has mastered the medium and has become an unstoppable message

Yes leaks and fake news designed to sabotage the credibility of Trump and his administration will continue. But so will the tweets. I don’t see him giving up. He has no choice but continue march forward anyways. Retreat and he gets sent to gas chambers. This is essentially a cage match and the door is closed. He needs to knock them all to floor then stomp them when they are down.


If there is going to be a turning then it is time to crack a few eggs.
Go get ’em Donald!

Start with Hillary!


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