I wrote this as comment on that


Why is it that people who have Trump Derangement Syndrome (DES) are incapable of any ability to reflect on reasons for the failure of Hillary to win. … Will sufferers of DES ever tire of these well worn potshots.

Reading between the lines in article it is easy to see the misdirected anger. The Hillbots lost Ms. Winter wake up and deal with it.

Instead of taking time to search inward they lash out. I am not the least bit suprised. It has until now been the winning strategy employed by courageous social justice warriors the world over.

They blame someone else.
Demand an apology.
Pout til they get it.
Then came the Donald.

We now live in a world where access to information has leveled the field for the masses. Much ado and much ink has been spilled in this battle of Disruptive Technologies fought on many fronts as “fake news”. Trump has proved to everyone that the only way to win is never apologize. His victory proof of this was a neutron bomb dropped on the political landscape. The legacy media and politicians seemingly oblivious to the new reality. The buildings stand but battlefield has changed. For good it seems.

This article reeks of sour grapes with Caroline Winter ending the article never asking the question as to why was Adams right?

See you in four years Sweet Caroline. Keep writing shit like this so that I can blow you kisses while you blow me one more time.




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