The List made with Problematic Eyes

The latest list is out and the Burning Platform made the grade. Yes sirree folks this joint is triggering Assistant Professors with problematic eye wear.

Famous and fabulous baby!

Everyone needs to take a bow and while you’re at it check out this glorious Leftard!

(Photo: Twitter)  Merrimack College assistant professor Melissa Zimdars

So what does lewrockwell.com, ronpaulinstitute.org, TomWoods.com, unz.com, whowhatwhy.com, zerohedge.com, teapartyeconomist.com and theburningplatform.com have in common?

Drum roll please.

Well enough of that, there is no need to pull a Maddow and keep everyone in suspense.

Infamous from a past list she made, Ms. Zimdars is now the author of the latest and greatest “fake news” update of a list being circulated online. The websites mentioned above are among the latest left-wing moonbat listings of over 700 “fake news” sites.

How about a song for the lovely Melissa. Doesn’t she look sweet in those pretentious eyeglasses.

Here is link to the list.


A badge of Honor to be part of the Glorious 700


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