The Internet and Assange

I am not a lawyer.
No where near the bar.
But for me it would be easy.
Just make my case in secret.
Before a Judge with no name.
Call cucks and fucks and Neocons
There’d be no problem to explain.
They’ll tell his honour and make my case.
The threat to Juristiction then be clear.
Because even with all these signs eyes still shine
Yet a few who still fight and resist the gaze.


Never a moment will be given.
The decree will be written.
And worries will be surely dismissed.
Why that data was shipped across a sea.
See the Deep State owns the wires.
For internet of things to be.

So your Honor make Haste. Don’t delay.
There is a gun to our head.
And a Fucker needs to be dead.
Or washed across to this bay.
But most important is once again.
Folks need a lesson again.
That being a patriot cannot pay


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