Weird that the smile was the persuasion technique that was being used. I think this man’s “duping delight” will be as short lived as the road to Moscow in Fall of 1941.


A Fake smile cast for Fake news interview given. Seems more than appropriate for what happened this week.

I posted the Mook video on another thread here on TBP but added nothing as commentary. I suppose I needed to stew a bit on the words. Should be posting some of this stuff as a stand alone but these days would rather indulge in humour and rhymes in the threads. Middle inning relief.

Then today I see that you wrote what is a much better directed and focused piece on the topic. For life of me I cannot understand the ambivalence of many with the events of this week. There was a seismic shift in narrative and still many seem uninterested in going to the show.

But Mook’s smile will be, I think, short lived.

The pyre is set.


The ship ready to sail.

I find it no surprise really, that like Jim, I am getting burnt out. It won’t be too long for the match to get lit over something likely seen as insignificant. When that happens people will question why and then I will think back to that smile.

This week will be seen by History as the turning point. The election of Trump is for me Stalingrad. as like the Russians with their backs to Volga, the Deplorables made their stand and won. In the initial aftermath of win fate still hung in the air. Not now. The Battle of Kursk has been fought. Trump twitter and Assange’s leaks have overcome the Deep State and their lackeys in MSM. Now on their back foot I would hope for Good.

That is the story this week.

For shame that most of the media failed to cover it but glad that you did!



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