Fake News

Well done Uncola.

You have succeeded and followed the meander to where the mainstream doesn’t care to run. Why is it that a blogger with shoestring budget, in 2017, needs to lay out these facts in timeline and make a quite compelling case of collusion. Going where so many in MSM refuse to tread. Last night I turned on my listening device to catch a bit of CNN. Watching those shows gave me a new appreciation about why people flail themselves. Sometimes, I seems, a fella needs to be whipped to make sure that he still bleeds.

The MSM whinges about Fake News. Yet their airtime is filled not with news but rather speculation about news that could or could not be fake. Last night there was breaking news that indeed a Server at Trump Tower was under surveillance. Wiretapped. Trump tweets and bypasses media last weekend and this is where we are at six days later. This after adamant denials by Comey, Clapper and Hayden released for last Sunday spin.


Only logical conclusion. Everything on TV is fake.

All that money and airtime and the only thing Don, Anderson, Erin and Wolf were talking about was the Russians. The Russians did this and Vlad the Impaler did that. Yep the biggest leak this week in the history of the CIA and instead of talking about that we have wall to balls coverage of news that we don’t even know is fake. Whatta fucken’ joke! And yet still they seem genuinely shocked when out In Real World there is stratospheric levels of contempt directed by Mainstreet at them.

What Trump and Assange did this past week was a masterstroke of persuasion as defined by Scott Adams. The media has spent years building this narrative and now it all lays in ruins in a ashen heap. They are now being forced to shit on the floor in house that they built.

They fucken’ deserve it!


Not too long ago I would have been tempted to throw something at the TV. Not now. It is evident now that battle for control of narrative is entering and some say pivotal phase. The subversives that abound on blogosphere living in places such as Burning Platform have for years have done battle only to be dismissed as unequal by the MSM. Not worthy of comment by that Professional Class of Journalists. Then along comes Trump, the DNC and Podesta emails, and now Vault 7. The game has changed and the field remade. The Deep State knows it.

Watching that video the other day and what struck me wasn’t the words emanating from Mook but rather the smile on his face. I couldn’t help but think that somewhere just off camera was someone holding a gun pointed at his head.


He may think that he is immune but that “Let Them Eat Cake Attitude” didn’t work for Marie and won’t work for him. The dumbfuck seems to forget that the Donald is the Prez and not his Pant Suit Whore for George. Trump is taking names and no prisoners

As for CNN they suck. They are really fake news. If they want to repair their ratings time to dispense with the charade. Days go and patience fades and I am not getting any younger.

Dispense with the bullshit.
Give Erin all the coverage.


Tired of lookin’ her cleavage.
Time to show us some Tits.


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