Four Score

Trump is The Master Persuader.

Seriously. who is advising the Democrats. A couple of weeks back the interwebs were ablaze about the choice of dress for the First Lady. Fast forward to last evening and white is now a symbol of protest for, get ready for it, women’s rights. Hardly surprising. The left has never left behind a standard they couldn’t double down on. Yep Melania’s white dress was racist and then they turn around and wear white to Trump’s Speech.


The Party of the Klan showing their true colours by wearing white to “unite against any attempts by the Trump administration to roll back the incredible progress women have made in the last century.” A better scene could not be scripted. Nancy’s gang might as well have worn the Hoods and Capes because they ended up looking like fools. They are the ones now seen as not being reasonable. Trump has claimed the middle ground to unite the country and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Trump has just pulled off an Epic bait and switch. A master stroke of persuasion and controlling the narrative. To see the Democrats is to watch cognitive dissonance writ large. The opposition is now in a measurable state of panic.

And the best part has to be the look on Pelosi’s face. Somehow her scowl was able to shine thru all the Botox. This morning Nancy Pelosi, still reeling from her error in tactics, decides to double down all the while admitting that she has been had.

The link below is from MSNBC but it does show that the speech itself isn’t important. The message of the speech are the responses. Trump’s opponents are once again, as always, talking about what Donald might do rather than what he has done.

It is Saturday Morning and they are left to wait for the phone to ring after a first date.

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