Black and White

This is why TBP is great. It is an Iowa Writers’ Shop that is somehow teaching this rank amateur much about prose. You have managed once again to tell a story without being preachy. A hard thing to do and to which I must tip my hat. As I said on another occasion, this place is a boot camp of bits and bytes. I am doing my best to try and absorb the differing writing styles here to hopefully someday come up with a Labradoodle of sorts to put to words my own narrative.

You touched on a lot of things in this piece but will focus on just a few.

You wrote


What we see in our day to day lives must align closely with The Narrative or things go bad and when they do The Narrative must change.


The question I keep asking is what is the narrative?
Is there an absolute truth?

For some reason I can’t make the leap into this world of absolutes.

You used the mountain as juxtaposition.
The north and south.
The dark and the light.
And by implication, I suppose, good and bad.

I should be able to agree wholeheartedly with this view. My life should inform and confirm that bias but for some reason I cannot make that leap.

So far anyways.

At the age of eight I was drawn into the series World at War. That Black and White television should have told a story of world of absolutes. Yet what I saw instead were shades in gray. Could it have been a reflection of the times. Maybe!

Things certainly have changed in the 40 or so intervening years. The clouds do seem much more ominous now as outlined in piece. The coming storm more and more real with each passing day. Yet I can’t help but ask why this has to be the case.

Why does the world need to devolve to turn?


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