The Grand Illusion

A video that accompanies the song 2112 helps me put in perspective the proportion in the insanity of this world. Some billions of swirling galaxies, each populated by innumerable stars, in turn slavishly orbited by an inordinate number of planets. The Priests well they write the songs and we sing the chorus.

Can it be stopped? The world await the jury’s verdict.

This quest has ongoing thru history. From Mesopotamia, to Rome and Kublai Khan. Onto the British and now America there has been this urge to control everything by one ruler as far as they can see. All these empires were aided by too many folks who chose blind worship over free thinking.

This isn’t even about religion.

The one world world government is just the biggest and grandest “shit-test” ever conceived. The act that never gets old. Leaders dupe people who seem ever willing to trade being a free thinker, in some Grand Illusion. The protesters in streets are fighting to be brought to heel at an Altar of their choosing.

This forced migration being foisted on West is just the latest hammer taken from toolbox by the overlords to force the non compliant to accept their rule.

The Styx is a mythological river and a pertinent metaphor. We are being asked to get on a boat on that river with no course and an equally unknown destination. It seems apropos and singularly sums the insanity of the game.


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