Liberals and secular Muslims keep speaking of tolerance yet I see precious little. Will admit that this extremism seems worse in Sunni world but the Shias aren’t shrinking violets when it comes to liturgical violence either.

Everyone who posts and comments about Islam understands the underlying potential of violence that one could be smited with if they cross some arbitrary line of offense.

Salman Rushdie wrote a book and was given a gift of a Fatwa by the most holy and pious Ayatollah Khomeini.


The Spiritual Leader of a Religion acting like Al Capone. Piety seasoned with a smattering of threats, blood and gore. I don’t recall outrage in Muslim world when that happened. No protests in streets of Tehran, Jakarta or Cairo. Just folks sharpening pitchforks. But that was a long time ago.


Things are much improved these days.

The tragedy of the Middle East is the abundance of oil, the imposition of State of Israel and the backwardness of the Arabian peninsula.

Those three geopolitical realities have conspired to preclude a natural alliance between Iran and the West. There were many strategic mistakes in the second half of the 20th century aided and abetted by the West.


But Iran is by far the worst blunder. Hard to believe to that there was a time that Iran was an ally of the Jewish State. A counter balance to the power of the Sunnis ruling in Arabia. The Iranian revolution changed all that. Seismically the geopolitics of 1979 Tehran were and are much more important to the world than 1989 Berlin.

And picking the Shah, a despot, rather than supporting democracy in 1953 is one decision that could take centuries or millennia to undo.

There is still too much intolerance in Islamic world. There is a desperate need for religious reform in Islam. And yes it is hard to expect bold change when so much to Middle East is roiling in violence and mayhem.

But let us be honest Islam is different. As I type I am aware of my words. Choose them more carefully. Worry that I may offend and put myself or folks associated with this website in peril. This isn’t a concern when chains get yanked on Christians.

So lets not pretend there isn’t a problem.


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