Trails and Trains

History has shown over and over that blanket generalizations dehumanize, making it much easier for normally ethical people to do atrocious things.

Read an piece about Andrew Jackson. President of United States and responsible for resettlement of Natives to Oklahoma. Sent them west via the Trail of Tears

Then many Died on the Journey West

Cannot help but think about the Jews of Europe during Second World War herded onto Trains and sent to the East

There the doomed died being herded to the East.

As with the Natives of South-East United States, for relocation, so that citizens swayed by a twisted dogma could sleep safe and secure at night.

The effort is in large part wasted. Time has shown Governments need not try hard to assuage guilt when there is a most obvious lack of humanity.

I was asked by blogger to view and share thoughts about a documentary on the Holocaust,  Judaism and this conspiracy by the Jews to corrupt and takeover the world.

Marching To Zion


Reading this persons comments in thread of blog it was not a shock to see  Jews and the Jewish Religion cast in a disparaging light. But I did try my best to set aside my bias and approach it in the third eye.

I was struck but not surprised by the tone of vitriol directed towards Jewish People. The documentary was well executed in deflecting and being disingenuous. The main antagonist, a Pastor Johnson, successful in a thinly veiled hit piece.

So basic premise is the Jews are a satanic cult that are working to bring about rule of anti-Christ. Evangelical Christians dupes on the chessboard. Afterwards I took liberty to sit through another video where the good pastor downplays the atrocities committed during World War 2 against the Jews. In it he calls Auschwitz a work camp instead of an extermination camp. Sad really. A supposed man of God in a quibble over numbers. He should spend less time downplaying and minimizing the real crimes of a despicable regime. Be a man of God. But that is exactly how he rolls.

And now people are using this movie as a reference to trivialize a truly tragic and shameful chapter of human history. In what is advertised as a march for truth in the end turns to a trail that leads in direction opposite Justice.

While claiming to follow God’s word. The Pastor proves he is a vessel for the false Prophet he so fears.


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