Ashton’s Idol

How was his man was at one time a potential Leader of Free World. The combination of dumb, stupid and Senator is dangerous to World Peace. When they hacked off the skin cancer the Doctor must have given him a lobotomy as well. This guy needs to be Sopranoed thru a woodchipper. For the good and safe well being of the world.

He just got trolled hard by some of those evil Russian Hackers.

Ole John must have got all flustered from Ashton Kutcher blowing kisses at him.

But maybe it is just that I lack compassion ,sympathy,empathy and understanding of what war does to weak minded Neo-tards. All available evidence suggests though that McCain he has been on a suicide mission his entire life. Crashing planes, a pretty game attempt at sinking the Forrestal, a stay at Hilton courtesy of Ho Chi Minh, and of course the various atrocities supported by him in Middle East and Former Soviet Union. It is tragic that one of them wouldn’t involve him as well.


So John if you read this do us all a favour (spelled correctly with a “u” by the way you Yankee biatch). I will say a prayer and become a Christian, again, if you do us all a solid and drive something sharp thru your thick skull.

It’s a win win. I get saved and the world gets to moveon.


And while you are at it McStain take your buddy György as well.




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