Fire when ready

  1. The fight isn’t really about how the country is being run right now but how it will look in 20 years. Trump’s Nominee is way better that anything Hillary would have put forward. The real fight is 2020. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer are getting up there. Maybe they make it to 2025. More than likely at least one takes the big dirt nap.

    Been reading the comments. How Trump has failed. That it is more of the same. Best I can tell is some of it is the same. But not all. Yeah he is going to flip. But still things are way better than having deranged lunatics like Madonna, Sara Silverman and Ashley, look at me I’m a fucken’ naastaaay womyn, Judd with the ear of President.

    Seriously what other choice was there. Isn’t it better to be shuffled to camp rather than straight to showers. All these “I told you so. Know it all’s” are a bunch of fucken’ whiners. Haven’t heard any better ideas here by Cat and Plat. Maybe they would like to see these lunatics in charge.

    In the meantime let the unhinged kick over garbage cans.
    They look ridiculous in their $40,000 pearls anyway.


    See the left senses the urgency. They know what the fight is about. Look no further than increased violence and rhetoric these past few weeks. Maybe he sleeps for a while with the whores in the swamp. So fucking what! For now he needs to play the long game. That’s what I’d be doing. He is the POTUS he can change his mind later but Rohm a bit for now. Twitter away. Build a wall.

    Besides he needs to figure out who the enemies are. In the meantime live by the mantra of keep your friends close and enemies closer. When time is right, he can strike and fix any lingering problems.

    I’d shoot them where they sleep.

    In the meantime all Trump has to do is spin the tires for a bit. The left seem more than willing to fail on their own swords.

    Phasers at the ready!

    Then Kirk will be preaching to the choir
    and folks will be begging for him to fire.


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