The Road to Destiny

Never sure how many read what I write. At 850 words or so this was kind long winded by my standards. But I am glad to hear that you find my perspectives thought provoking. That is my point for doing all this. I could have easily unpacked more of what I was thinking. Made it 3000 words. But I have found over the years that less is more when it comes to getting a point across.

Keeping it over there.

And besides I have changed my mind several times this week about what that means to me. Each day I read it the meaning changes but I have boiled it down to a couple of choices. A juxtaposition that has weaved its way thru all my years. It will likely change again before it is all said and done.

Writing is something I have come to enjoy. It does surprise me when words find life and leap to a page. They will live for an eternity. My roadway to Calvary. Found that doing this has had the effect of calming me down just a bit. Never great at words when IRL, I have been noticing that lately I can slow down when expressing opinions. The urgency and panic has subsided somewhat. Maybe that is the point of doing this.


I started years ago on this site. At first just a lurker but soon joined the fray. came here to avoid something else. This place, TBP, is for me a Libertarian version of the Iowa Writers Workshop. I can find many points of view and writing styles. Still working on mine. Someday I might find my own.


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