Keep it over there

The tragic recent shooting in Quebec City has shown once again the deep divide that exists in this country of Canada. People readied to proclaim from the rooftops “Je suis le meme du jour” But along the way the story shifted several times.

It seems that folks on the left and on the right cannot help themselves. Both are using tragedies such as this to preach to their faithful. Inject Religion and it just adds extra Grist for the mill. This story was an interesting experiment in Confirmation Bias and Persuasion. Exposed was the peddling of a narrative via media, mainstream and online.

Blame rests on both sides.

The Ctrl-Left seemed panicked in early hours with yet another attack by Muslims. They did their best to deflect attention away by grasping for a fake news story that cast blame for the shooting elsewhere. Much to their relief in the first reports from scene blame was pointed squarely at White Nationalist terrorists. This fed quite nicely into their preferred narrative. The Alt-Right at first taken off guard recovered form in the overnight hours when news from scene seemed to contradict what was being shown online and in Media.


Turns out those first reports were“fake news” from a twitter account that is actually a parody of Real News. Reuter News Break is a wannabee version of The Onion except with a whole lot less followers.

Not that it was needed but yet again proof of how easy it is to mislead self proclaimed professional journalists. All the talk about all the problems with online news sources. All the blather by Google and Facebook cracking down on Bloggers who are either unable or unwilling to check for facts and the self proclaimed gatekeepers of the truth at CBC, TVA and others used that site as a source.

The next day realizing their mistake the story switches. At a Police News Conference, no less, it is stated that two men are being held for the shooting  from the night before. Once again reports are leaking out via social media that are picked up by CBC, TVA and others. Once again the “suspects” are named.

So what to do?

This is where the story gets interesting. The suspects, one Morrocan born the other a native Quebecois posed a serious problem. Guns didn’t know where to point. It pained folks on Left to push Islamophobia as reason for attack when it was obvious that one of the supposed attackers was Muslim. Contrasting this the Right had to prepare for the pointy fingers of the Social Justice Warriors lying in wait to pounce at the righteous moment.

To the relief of many on the left, including The Prime Minister, it turned out that this would not be an ecumenical massacre. It was later confirmed that only Alexandre Bissonnette would be responsible for the shootings.

And just as day comes after night, Justin Trudeau would be at the ready to chime in with some empty platitudes. No surprise seeing as just days before Trudeau was scoring points with the rest of the world while extending welcoming arms in the aftermath of Muslim Ban by the Trump Administration.

Never one to shy away from a pulpit to pass judgment. Canada’s Virtue Signaler-in-Chief exclaimed to the world that this heinous act was, as he put it, a terrorist attack on Muslims. Implied in this statement was the collective responsibility of White Canadians to burden a share of guilt for what had happened.

Contrast this with what happened after the attack on Parliament Building and Murder of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at National War Memorial a few years back. Then the Media and Left spent much time in deflecting blame away from radical Islam. Doing their best to characterize all of it as an attack by a mentally ill man caught up in the delusions of the moment.

Trudeau then didn’t make any proclamation to world about how that man, in service to Islam, was attacking our institutions. But not this time, Canadians have come to count on Justin to bury us in left wing talking points whenever he is given a chance.

Now the newswires are ablaze with talk that Trump is to blame. To his credit, Trudeau has been strategic about trying to not in some way blame President Donald Trump for what has happened. The same cannot be said for mainstream Liberals and much of the Media. All are taking their turn at kicking this dead horse. Doing their best to somehow link what happened in Quebec to something Trump said.

It should concern everyone that Prime Minister Trudeau is injecting himself into an ongoing criminal investigation. In doing this he is making the same mistake as Obama. The consequences on social fabric of country will only be seen from some undefined place in future.

The lesson should be evident in what has happened this week. Collective responsibility for an individuals heinous acts rests only with those on opposite of political and religious spectrum.

Need to take a break and hope for miracles.

Find a corner.
Draw a Prophet,
Maybe a Messiah,
A Buddha or two.

Or maybe try their pipes,
singing along with
MacLean and MacLean


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