The Moonbats

The Legacy Media really dropped the ball on this one. Some in so-called Mainstream picked up story initially that this was carried out by two “white supremacists”. Turns out that was “fake news” from a twitter account that is actually, and they describe themselves as such, a parody. So much for fact checking when the journalists use that site as a source.


The next day realizing their mistake the story switches. Not learning their lesson from just a day before it is now two different men. Once again they are named. Both described as suspects. One Morrocan born the other a native Quebecois. Then it turns out now that only one was a shooter. The other just a witness.

Hardly surprising that so much confusion reigns now as to what is going on.

For several hours the story was in flux. Which man committed the crime. Sean Spicer didn’t help things at WH Presser yesterday but once it became clear that Andre Bissonette was going to be charged it didn’t take long for the Liberal trolls to flood the internet to Blame it on Trump.

But I am with the Rebel reporter on this at least. There has to be more to this story. At least she is reporting. All I saw last night on CBC, what I could stomach of it, was an endless parade of virtue signalling.

I don’t think I will be turning on TV today. The Moonbats are going to be out in force. Muslims are the victims here and narratives need a fixin’


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