The Line

There is and always has been a sort of weird symbiosis on the left when it comes to identity politics. The race-baiters and progressives need a foil. Just like a fly needs a trap.


Hardly a surprise that for the last eight years the left has been flailing about trying to find a foe. Their Bum King Nobel Prize Winner was their great Hope. Turned out with even that, there was fuck all for change. Didn’t take long for anyone with a firing neuron to realize that man was a disaster looking for a place to happen.

So what to do?

Well that’s is fucken’ easy. Do what Socialists from Marx, to Hitler to Pol Pot have always done. Find an easily identifiable group to project and deflect blame. For the left it was a doubling down of stupid.

Blame whitey!

A Progressive Form of Persuasion. Hardly anybody gets hurt and the ones that do fucken’ deserve it!

Now Progressives have the gall to protest whilst Trump has taken a page from their playbook. Written by the Hope and Change Guy no less. It is too funny! Trump is basically saying fuck you to all the busy bodies. Get your dumb fat asses out in streets. Comedy sure to ensue!

Yep the Progressives are getting played like a cheap whore in a Western. Claim they ain’t liking it. Slink off for a while to get fucked. Soon to return to stand and wait on Balcony for more.


Everybody wins! You don’t even have to be pretty. Ya just need ta be willing!

The whole thing is best summarized by the real time “live-art project” in New York. Shia LeBeouf! WTF! That name is straight out of central casting for this comedy show. Reminds me of character from Get Smart. Mr. LeBeef is going to make history alright. I’m sure he planned his exposition to be some sort of protest. Shia wants not to divide but a week in and a trip to jail for assault he has accomplished exactly the opposite. But I suppose maybe that is the point. For him the message is indeed the medium. All the chanting and fighting however, has him looking like a modern day Jim Jones. Sooner or later he is going to realize the he is nothing more than Trump’s bitch. Then the only choice left for him is to decide on flavour and how sweet to make the Kool-Aid.

And Like before in Guyana the line up will be around the block for the hypnotized horde dressing in their finest Progressive douchery. All waiting for a sip from that fucking Pitcher.



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