I personally don’t espouse violence as the solution to any problem. Don’t even own a gun. While it is true that the left seems to be flailing about in self-immolation, their weakness makes our world dangerous.

This might surprise you but I agree. Great Change do present Great Opportunity.
In the world of facts and their alternatives I worry that the power of the word promoting a positive change will not win out over the forces arrayed and allied against it. The easy bits are,

Building a Wall.
Deporting the Illegals.
Banning the Muslims.


The rubber will only meet the road when Trump takes on entitlements. Welfare, SSI, Medicare, Unfunded Liabilities of every sort and description. I can’t see words mattering much when tens of millions are forcibly weaned off the Government Teat.

The Hood Rats, Baby Mommas, The Welfare Queens and the Congenitally Unemployed have to somehow be convinced that they need to work for a living to get by in this world. That will be a very tall glass of water to pour.

If that isn’t enough to contend with too many folks live just check to check. Their lack of preparation and contingency for a raining day is another danger. Right now even the threat of a snowstorm can send thousands into sheer panic. Couple a breakdown in Food Distribution Network with SNAP cards that haven’t been reloaded at first of month and the result is something that can be predicted with near 100% accuracy. Inner City Neighborhoods already “no go zones” will erupt in an orgy of violence that will be difficult to contain.

Now folks in countryside say the problems of the Inner Cities won’t reach their communities. This is complacency as the epidemic of Government Dependence brought on by 60 years of socialism, while maybe not as pervasive, is ever present there as well.
Hungry people will do desperate things. Words then won’t matter. Sure there will be some smart enough to plan but there is no point growing crops and raising livestock if those that don’t have can take what they want.

Then Scarecrows won’t protect crops as the Farmers will be forced to throw away the books and pick up a gun.



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