Renegades of Funk

On blog I follow I saw on thread a short missive. The slogan War begets war, peace begets peace could have started life in the Vagina Marches that festooned this Continent on Weekend. War does Beget War! So that first part is right. Where was all the righteous indignation was during previous Obama years. That man took a presumptive Nobel Peace Prize and parlayed it by running amok in MENA, The Former Soviet Union and of course Eastasia.

How the world has changed. During the counter culture protests of the 1960’s many rose up to fight the Established Order. What happened next would have likely surprised even George Orwell. Those in charge co-opted those opposed. No longer at war with Eastasia they march now as the shock troops, the Red Coats, of the New World Order.

These folks

Fight for this cause

Paid in Large Part by this Man

The Facists in co-opting the Marxists are using them to implement a plan that doesn’t free but enslaves. Cheered on by washed up and worn out Media Icons like Madonna, the useful idiots now march in the streets protesting having been convinced that


In a world overripe with access to instant information sense now seems Uncommon.

Played, bought and paid for, these Renegades have been turned into a commercial enterprise by those working in the shadows of the Bohemian Grove. Some even get a Guest Starring role in the West wing.

Protesting that was once a fight for freedom, has devolved into a demand for continued enslavement. Hardly a surprising that the world has subsided into a pervasive Funk.


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