So this is what passes for journalism in Canada. Blame Russia for everything. Use innuendo to imply some sort of deal is in works to do something underhanded to make a deal with Russia by the nomination of Tillerson. The only breath of fresh air was the segment by the Professor of Political Science at Carleton University. Even that was short lived. Incredible how CBC takes blind assertions of others. Makes claims facts. Does not ask the obvious question.

Why doesn’t somebody get on a plane and fly to London. Sit down and talk to the man who published the emails. So when the question is asked as to why the the FBI doesn’t accept the CIA assessment the reporter being interviewed deflects and says that the FBI uses higher burden of proof. The standard of what can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt instead of a preponderance of evidence. Why isn’t the higher standard of beyond a reasonable doubt used as the default position. Shouldn’t the risk of nuclear war be good grounds for it’s use.

Speculation and Implications are what is called hard hitting news at the CBC.

Fascinating in a disturbing way.

The report following it was just a different side of same coin. I really like the way the fighting in Mosul is being framed. A heroic liberation underway in Mosul versus the unspeakable genocide in Aleppo. Both occupied by the same lunatics.

At least Aleppo is now free thanks to those F#@king Russians.



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