Fake News

For eons those who counted themselves the arbiters of all that was known were able to control the flow of debate. Dangerous and offensive ideas were suppressed from the time of the ancients to the dawn of the printing press.

This technology should have been seen as a triumph. Instead, rather than seeing spread of information as an opportunity the Movers and Shakers of the time, The Church and The State, saw it instead as a threat. And their response, as they were no longer able to control the spread of the word. Well Officialdom instead worked to professionalize free thinking. Promoted Universities and the Press. The end result of all this work is a sight to behold. Universities once thought of as bastions and bulwarks of Freedom of speech have instead been so thoroughly corrupted with talk of safe spaces and micro-aggressions that they now work as impediment to free thought rather than protecting it. The Press, as shown via Wikileaks, turned into whores at the feet of Deep State.

Under the guise of liberalism offensive ideas are categorized and for purpose of whatever narrative is in play and either delegitimized or worse strongly encouraged to be disregarded. The question is the same since time began. Who gets to decide. Now with the rise of alt media brought on by internet the threat to control of information has been amplified. A clear and present danger to the status quo.

The presstitutes in MSM fearing their loss of importance have latched onto the fake news crowd on their knees in front of Hillary. But offensive ideas need to see the light. A well functioning democracy relies on that to do what is right for it’s citizens.

Then along comes the Pizzagate story. If the MSM get their way faceless functionaries will get to decide what is worth being told. No more Comet Ping Pong JimmyComet Conspiracies to the addled over subscribed minds of people posing as citizens. No need to worry others. They will make sure the blue pill gets administered each day. What could go wrong.

Nobody should have to live under that boot.

If it doesn’t change soon a lot of people are going to die.

Under the guise of protecting sensibilities people of high self-proclaimed virtue have taken upon themselves to work to restrict rather than support free speech.

That should be a bridge too far. Well it should be.

The final irony is that many of those preaching virtue the loudest have been proven and exposed to have absolutely none themselves. Using the excuse of naivety cannot be allowed to stand.

It is dangerous to liberty.
It gets people killed and further abused.

This current ongoing Pizzagate cover-up is disturbing proof that the MSM and Deep State are in league subvert truth via the “fake news” meme.

Nothing to see here. Just more fake news.


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