I view the Bible as a great Literary work. Great Civilizations need a founding document. The Bible has it’s flaws but it does it’s job of laying out the moral questions. At it’s root it is Jewish but the tree grew out of the the Hellenistic World. It is the Ultimate Greek Tragedy.


There is value in studying the book.

Nobody knows if Moses wrote the first five books for sure. There appears no historical record of him existing outside the Old Testament. Whatever is the case there is no point in arguing if he did or not. What matters are the stories.

As razzle pointed out, we are faced with creation choices everyday. Sometimes we make the right choice. Sometimes we don’t. What matters is intention.

razzle wrote

but it doesn’t matter in the end… because the denial is what matters

That statement though appearing innocuous has a great deal packed into it. People spend their whole lives thinking about that. Denial on some level is encoded in the DNA of every human. It is existential to being. Over the years some swim away from the shore of faith but still carry with them this document that acts as the life preserver that helps keep them afloat when the seas and times get tough.

The beauty of the Bible is the contradictions.

It just asks the questions.
Provides some moral guidance and outlines the consequences of intent.
It is up to the reader to provide the answers.

A Libertarian’s view of Bible with credit and thanks and plaudits to Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther and now

… Stucky

of course


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