The Noose

Some months ago here on TBP I read about how Gutenberg in conjunction with Martin Luther changed everything. It was a paradigm shift in the way everything worked. Of course the Controllers pushed back created an approved Media to filter this new found information. The internet is just the latest in a long line of challenges for the elites to overcome. I too am losing sleep over this. I cannot begin to fathom the depravity of those involved. But I do worry that WaPo and NYT’s are gaslighting the interwebs with all this talk of abductions and torture chambers so as to lead decent ordinary people away from the abhorrent behaviours of Alefantis et al. The MSM it seems wants everyone to look away from what is easily proven. So the further pizzagate strays from the emails and Instagrams the easier it becomes to discredit. There is more than enough info to banish Podesta from DC.

It would be better to employ the Russian strategy used successfully during the Great Patriotic War. One being resurrrected now in Aleppo. Surround the enemy. Let them attack you on your own terms. What I worry will happen is the MSM is trying to circumvent and discredit the alt media by employing same subversive guerrilla tactics that have been used against them for many years.

The other day when describing the situation as it stood when I found out that reddit had banned the pizzagate subreddit my first thought was of this nuclear exchange that you talked about above. That banning was a nuclear pre-emptive strike by MSM via a bought proxy. It gave them plausible deniability to let reddit do the dirty work. Why send your best troops when the Ukrainians and Central Asians can be used in the first wave.

It does bother me that most are either indifferent or worse too lazy to investigate this for themselves. Spend some time, parse and come to an informed conclusion. Instead most get the Cole’s Notes (Cliff’s Notes for those South of Border) version so that they can sound interested and informed when sitting around coffee table.

This is what the world, overrun in information, has become to it seems. It is a battle of hearts and minds. The weakness being exploited by those in charge is the underlying yearning of most to maintain this Normalcy Bias that has in the end resulted unwashed kept unabashed in their ignorance.

Will it change. I hope so. But I think right now the alt-media are making same strategic mistake as Hitler at Stalingrad.

Should pizzagate be investigated. Of course. But the final battle is still years away. It would be a mistake to cut the rope too soon. Right now WaPo, NYT and all the fonctionnaires in DC need to twist on the noose that they put around their own necks. Wait and make sure, only cut them down when the body has quit twitching.


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