Tin foil


I haven’t made my mind up about this. I just don’t know. But I do find it disturbing.

It is. I really think the MSM and Deep State are in panic mode now. All one has to do is look at Twatter, Fartbook and Gaggle and one can almost smell the fear. Pizzagate is going viral in spite of the work to try and contain. Should be interesting to see what is happening on this front two weeks from now.

Just look at that shitlord blogspot that TBP is part of now. Searching for it throws up all sorts of red flags for a place that to me seems quite innocuous. There is some stuff there that is sketchy maybe but I am an adult and can wade through and make up my own mind as to what I want to read. The media still think it is 1940 and they get to decide for us.

And then there is CuNNt news!

For Chris Cuomo Free Thinking is a novelty snack on the Ice Cream Truck of Ideas and he gets to drive any speed he wants.


The alternative media is the spikestrip for your fucked up arrogance.

I found it the same way. Weird eh! It is just an agreggator website to compile blogs in one spot. What is harm in that but when I think about it makes sense for Gooble to be doing this. I mean the last thing the world needs is another Zerohedge or Drudge. Making it seem dangerous to visit that site is going to backfire bigtime.

I really think this long weekend is going to be a subversive watershed for the alt-(so-called fake) news to upend this traditional media control.

At some point soon the tide will be unstoppable with the Podestas. They will be exposed. Let’s hope. If Trump only does this in next 4 years he will go down as a Great and Courageous President. Surely there are folks in FBI reading this blog who can find it in their hearts and do the right thing.

We need a new Ice Cream Truck.


One that Pepe could be proud to drive!


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