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Hacksaw Ridge: When Pacifism Made Peace With War


Much appreciate time and effort. A most excellent review. I have typing and rewriting for an hour or so but keep deleting. Will have to go and see the movie now and might be more to say afterwards. Maybe. I do respect the man’s courage but can’t help but see for Doss the Moral Paradox of being a part of that war machine.

I am not a pacifist but maybe that is the message. We’ll see.

When I read or watch something I usually try and find some lesson to apply to parallels in my life. I have never been in combat. Never killed anyone or anything. Directly or at least because of my intent. That is the thing that interests me about this movie. Did Pvt. Doss realize that he was still participating in this symphony of death and destruction. A willing bystander but standing just the same.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but that is how I am framing it. Sometimes inadvertent actions have fatal consequences. How much should intention matter in the metrics of morality.

It is a question that I have been tossing about for some years.


I don’t think you nitpicked.

I was one of the best reviews of a movie I have read in quite some time. I am serious when I say that. The problem I see these days with movie reviews is they are written like a facebook post. Full of virtue signalling and trolls for likes. For me deeper meanings have much more value than Cole’s notes that I see used so many times. Facebook abhors depth, it is a river a mile wide and an inch deep. And this mentality has seeped into broader mainstream media. I am going to sound like Van Jones but I sense a coming backlash in that people are waking up. Discovering the beauty of depth. Asking questions and pausing longer to listen to answers.

I know that sounds a little Philosophical. Maybe some naiveté, that I have been accused of, coming back to the fore. But I really think 2016 will be seen, by History, as a paradigm shift in the consciousness of public. Being a free thinking outlier, I am hoping, will come again to be in vogue.


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