A Rant

I wrote this follow piece in response to an article that was about the banning of the film “The Red Pill” in Melbourne Austrailia. But I thought I’d share it with you as well. I am going to try and write a book about Westray this winter. Anyways I’ve been lurking here for quite a while listening to what you say.

I have been fascinated with this ongoing struggle trying my best to figure out what is the underlying interest in this debate. You can google me. I am online. It kind of hit me this week what the problem was for me.

I have over the last 24 and a bit years struggled with how I have dealt with what happened. For many years I played the victim card that was handed to me by the government first then the media. I have found that it is a poisoned chalice. Once you sip from it you always thirst. I have broken free this paradigm. Accepted my own responsibility, however small. When I see all the SJW’s thinking they are being courageous I just shake my head. They are being played for fools. Pawns in a victim industry with an appetite that knows no end. I wish they would all have a revelation much as I have had. Embraced their imperfections and opened themselves to opposing ideas.

I have learned that there are more lessons to be learned in observation then confrontation. Protests just for it’s sake diminish not improve the quality of debate and lesson to be learned.

This is what I wrote….. it was in response to Erin who was trying defend men and the movie…

Her name was Erin


I don’t speak for all men, I will speak only for myself. But I feel much as you do. Why is there this blind fear of ideas. If we ban certain points of view it only emboldens those the extremes. I think that is really the underlying motivation of those opposed. Confrontation rather then reconciliation.

I get tired of hearing about my male privilege. Doubly so when I am accused of added benefit of being white. A long ago I worked at a coal mine. I was one of last hired had to wait while the lucky ones were hired first. Anyways I ended up in a low paying job in the coal lab rather then underground. I was willing and wanted to make more money there but fate intervened. On May 9th 1992 at Westray Coal mine in Plymouth Nova Scotia there was an explosion that killed two of my friends and 24 others. If I had been lucky it would have been me. I cannot stomach people especially the young, the snowflakes, telling me to keep quiet while they speak. I willing to risk my life for a job to feed my family and yet these SJW’s will whinge about that I am oppressing them.

Men, especially young men, are and always have been disposable to society. We were mining coal to burn to generate electricity to enable the comforts that this world provides. When I see people in my face with an accusing finger I think of those men lost that day. Every time they flip a switch to turn on the lights they get blood on their hands.

My name is Robert Gerrard Thompson I am 51, white and proud to be a man. Those folks who want to ban this movie should step back and think about what they are doing.

I could write for days about this but nobody really cares. The narrative now is about bathrooms, women’s rights and safe-spaces. If I don’t accept everything they say whole cloth I am accused of being an extremist. I am hardly that.

After the explosion all I got from government was some benefits for a limited time and the implicit advice to shut the fuck up and get another job.

It is just a fucking movie. The folks opposed to it being screened should find something better to do.

Get a fucking life!


You said you were writing a book. I can re-write and expand.

To end I just want to let everyone know I am doing a lot better now. In part I think because of people like Janice, Karen Straughn, Warren Farrel and yes even Paul Elam.

Keep up the good work everyone. Your words do help. They are a lifeline.

to men like me
once lost at sea…


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