Le Bon Temps

More government always means less freedom.

I wish I could say with confidence that a Liberal Spring, along the lines of the Arab one, would sweep away all the misguided good intentions of left but I really doubt this will occur. Pierre Trudeau almost sunk this country in 70’s with multiculturalism and program spending racking up deficits that would make a welfare whore playing poker machines blush. Then we went from that to the supposedly Conservative Mulruiney and doubled down on stupid. Years later finances near repaired this country elects another Trudeau boy wonder and are once again embarking on course full speed to default once again.

Fuck in the 90’s we were in worse shape then Greece.

The answer here is always more government. I suppose it is the same everywhere. You would think seeing as it gets cold here that folks would think saving for rainy day. But that ain’t the case. It is always full steam ahead. We haven’t learned a fuckin’ thing.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

As long as lights turn on in morning nothing will change. There is an embedded normalcy bias too entrenched to overcome. I blame it on medicare. We lean on government rather then fix things ourselves.


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