The Soup

Families have been scattered to the winds in part I think because they are a threat to government control.

I have trip on agenda. To Ontario. Maybe when I get back I will parse my observations into something that might add to what I have been saying.


Those are the hills looking away from that beach.

I look around and see so much potential. Plenty of food on the land and plenty of fish in the sea.

And yet when I turn on TV all I hear is, we can’t do this and we can’t do that. How can a country pull in one direction when policy codifies and enshrines our differences. Liberal trade policy and Globalization has made us all slaves to JIT. Everything we need seems to be from somewhere else.

Why is that anyways?

It is to keep folks compliant. Even the most unaware know that if there is a storm they need to get to store first before the shelves are bare to survive. It is hardly surprising that when Paulson was threatening “tanks in the streets” he got not only the cheque but a back rub as well.

And the only solution the Globalists have is to further degrade the local production of the stuff we need. I am not against trade but, and I know this is going to sound Trumpian, there seems to be so much unfair trade thru subsidies and currency manipulation. And the only solution governments can come up with is a doubling down on stupid cooking another pot of alphabet soup. What is it now TPP. I have lost track.

Government is the problem and yet once again liberals are trying to convince the public that what we need is more government. They are taking square root of a negative and trying to explain imaginary numbers.


Problem is most folks either don’t care or don’t get the joke.


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