The Sign

Took this picture last week on a trip..

The gas pump and the weeds standing guard in front of a store established in year when everything changed.

I think it sums up the inevitability of the reset that is going to happen whether folks like it or not.


It is funny I often get that visceral reaction when I tell people that I count myself Nova Scotian first. Canada was created and protected for the amusement of Canada. It never had Nova Scotia’s best interests at heart.

Protectionism and tariffs cut off this province and entire region from the Natural trade patterns that had established over the course of 300 years. In it’s place manufacturers and entrepreneurs were forced to compete with Upper and Lower Canada for the protected markets being created in West under MacDonald’s National Policy. It didn’t take long for the financiers and industrialists to move to Montreal and then to Ontario to pursue their ambitions.

Equalization has made things worse.

And then some kind soul named “the gapper” sends best wishes that I should be someday soon freezing in the dark.
A damn fine piece of sentiment or sediment…. Take your pick gappy. It is after all a beach theme!

How nice and neighbourly. Proof in words that this country doesn’t work.

I never thought a video from a sandy beach in North Aspy Cape Breton would end up being considered trolling by someone out there. Even when I am not trying to be a Shit Throwing Monkey it seems I can’t fucking help myself.

So Gappy, I’ll end by saying, like most here, I work every day. Keep your fucking money. Government policy created the problem. Someday soon it will be seen that the conclusion of the problem will end up being the solution.


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