The Sarge

I wrote this in response to a fellow with name uncola on the The Burning Platform

Another great post uncola. I too have hit some rough patches and like you I am still here. It has been for me boot camp of bits and bytes. I do appreciate the effort you make to write. It’s funny above in the thread you talk about the first word written and how you never know where it will lead. I have found it to be the same. Sometimes it works but more often it doesn’t. At least for me.

I am not a writer by trade. It is an art I am trying to learn but I like the process. I have found that if the idea is geniune it will resonate somewhere.

That is what matters and the reason why this place is important. It is easy for the left to dismiss those on right as heartless, uncaring and unrefined. I get accused of that a lot but when historians look back years from now they will be able to see that we cared just as much as the virtue signalling SJW’s that seem to infest

Every crevice of the MSM,
Every nook in every legislature and
Every campus that is higher learning.

And if the left in the end are too thick to see past their dogma. Well then that is their loss. Maybe time to write something myself. The Sarge still thinks it is worthwhile to try and whip me into shape.



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