The Reset

Each year more folks bug out leaving less to work for the rest. The math will eventually expose the ponzi scheme when a critical mass of entitlements is reached. In the meantime the Deep State appears increasing desperate to keep control of the message. The sad part is the lack of concern by folks who get their information from MSM. They must know they are being lied to but like water off a duck’s back they shrug their shoulders too distracted by causes that hardly matter.

Every year the quality and choice of so-called alt news increases. One should presume that with the amount of information available the number of informed citizens would be increasing but the inverse seems to be true.

Laziness breeds contempt and from that union has spawned ignorance.

Surprising, well not really. Public education has been set up to treat free thinkers as insurgents. Huxley’s Brave New World was supposed to be 600 years into future but sadly it appears to be right here and right now.

Atlanta is going to burn. It would be better for everyone involved if it happened sooner rather than later.


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