Cog or Wheel

On a blog I follow I was congratulating a fellow on his new book. Maybe it can inspire me to get to work on mine. I keep talking about and have promised to be writing one as well. It could be the nice weather but lately the only thing being written is my procrastination.

For as long as I remember the media has been a part of my life. One of my first memories that I have is of a TV series that started in fall of 1973. It chronicled the events still fresh of the Second World War. My Grand Dad fought in that war and my Mom thought it a good idea for me to learn about it.

The World At War

When I think about it even now, over 40 years later, the music queues and the images flow. Starting at 8 years old I watched the Twenty Six Episodes and was hooked. It was easy then, a world of black and white. Good guys and Bad. The outcome certain.

This would spur my interest in History and current events. In my younger years I didn’t really question things on anything greater then a superficial level. The power of the Editor in controlling the narrative unseen was behind the curtain. It was for me out of sight and out of mind.

Even with these constraints alternative views were lurking. In High School and then University the questioning of the official narrative would increase. It made things much more difficult to put in their proper place.

What was right and what was wrong.

I have given much thought over the years of the story of Westray and me. When I had my chance I declined to speak. Telling my story was, I felt, someone else’s job. It took a long time to shake this mindset.

I often wonder how Westray would be told if it happened in 2012.
I wonder what I would have done differently.
I ask myself if the person who lied on the last day of that inquiry
would have instead told the truth.

The internet has provided a much more efficient tableau.
The individual is now in charge.
I find that exciting.

It is a Boot Camp in Bytes and Bits

And it screams!

I control my story.
I can read what I wish.
I can say what I want.

But the most important thing is…

I can tell other people what I know.

But for most people it seems they want to be told rather then to think.

Follow orders.
Be a cog instead of a wheel.

It is time to choose.


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