Seems odd on its surface that a man who has made so much money being a capitalist would be so interested in supporting groups so opposed to the making of it.

The fight between Capitalism and Socialism is a fight between Freedom and Control. The money though important is secondary. It is no wonder that the lines get lost in the sand when a Billionaire from Hungary is funding Black Lives Matter Protesters burning and looting the cities they control.

BLM is being used to storm the Reichstag. Convince law abiding folks that current framework does not work and needs to be replaced. The looters and thieves are just useful idiots. Brown Shirts with their pants on the ground.

Soros isn’t a Capitalist. He is a Fascist.

He is using the same playbook as Mao, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. All of those men talked about money, but what he wants, is what they really wanted.




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