I’m Here To Help

Government Programs originally set up to help keep people  have over the years morphed into something completely out of control. There seems no shortage of people in need anymore. A whole industry now has been created to find more. No rock left unturned.

Politicos hand out cheques, cut ribbons and it is all paid for by taxes.

I am trying to put in place a Doomstead plan. At one point I was bouncing an idea of starting or taking over a farm. Changed my mind because cost. I’m am realistic about what I can achieve. Anyways putting up a shop to do Carpentry. Simple you would think but so far I have had to get two permits and there are still two inspections left before I can have power connected.

Got me to wondering who owns the land and dwellings where I live.

The need for a more just society has enslaved us. Paid in full with the money we earn.


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