Mad as Hell

Read an article that seems so fitting on such a pivotal day.
I can’t help but think back to a movie. That great and epic rant.

The time is close. On the weekend I had a conversation with a friend from away. Things turned to politics and the choices we had made in our lives. I find myself biting my tongue a lot these days in polite company. Most conversations on the surface seem happy to demonize what Trump stands for but I am beginning to sense a shift in mood. An unease.

When I defend Trump many attack not him and his ideas but me. How could I betray the cause.

We, the folks in fly-over country, have spent our lives on tour humping hills in the jungle created for the amusement of the Deep State. We count ourselves lucky to make it thru another night on patrol.

The people who attack me, just want me on Point. They seem satisfied that if my ideas are being scorned then they will be safe. But I am fucking tired of walking thru swamps and those folks are kidding themselves anyways. Years of so-called Liberal policies have not freed us. They have enslaved us. It only becomes more apparent with each passing day.


I wonder what we will hear after speech tonight.

The MSM will be at the ready with their take on competing visions. But will anyone be listening.

Or will people instead go to a window close-by, grenades at the ready, to frag the delivery boys giving the orders.

The so-called experts and pundits on TV better be careful..


Folks are Mad as Hell and are not going to take it anymore…


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