The Game

I tried reading an article about differences in IQ between Blacks and Whites but found it confusing and circular. I suppose that is the point of writing a piece about IQ. The whole concept is to me esoteric. Like God it is hard to quantify and define for outcomes. I myself try to consider each person I meet on their merits. Who they are, rather then what they look like. But I will confess to my bias. Everyone has some.

I am only human.

There was a time that I thought seeking out counselling was sign of weakness as a person. I have changed my mind about that. It didn’t take long for me to see that being a victim is a malignancy that if unchecked will ruin one’s life. The problem with many black folks I meet is that they talk about how society has affected them rather then how they impact their world. Pretty hard to do good things, great and small, when you go thru life feeling oppressed. A lot of it is social in construct. The Great Society was set up to herd Black America back to the Plantation. It is often said that Government can’t do anything right.

Yet behold everyone a true masterpiece of Public Policy!

I don’t consider myself particularly gifted. Life has proven this to be true. But I hardly matter in the grand scheme. I am and always will be a small cog in a giant wheel. What I do find lacking these days is the ability for people to reflect on their lives with a third eye. Hardly surprising when so many are told so often that they are indeed special snowflakes.

In my own experience my story has been told thru the eyes of a victim. First by me and then by the media. It has become apparent that it is much easier to frame it that way rather then see broader picture. Nobody feels threatened when each of us are defined in those terms. Divide and Conquer in it’s truest sense. But that is, I think, the underlying plan for control by the Masters of The Universe.

To accept ANY level of responsibility is difficult enough for a normal person. It is impossible for someone who has fully embraced the current narrative that they are somehow owed something from someone else.

Slavery was bad for sure but I was born in Toronto mid 1960’s. It is a tall glass of milk to drink for someone of colour to blame me for being part of some unseen conspiracy to keep them down. And yet they do! I am then targeted in the Progressive Stack because of my whiteness. Told of my privilege. But for Blacks the privilege is theirs for us to behold. A dumb white guy like me is scorned for even attempting to point this out.


This article will be held up as proof by those so-called “Black Lives Matter” agitators. Some reading this response will see only racism. Circular in nature. A Mexican Standoff of finger pointing.

One thing is for sure.
The cities will still burn and nothing will change.
We will be back from which we came.
But that my friends is the plan.
The message is the game.

Link to original Article

Blacks and Whites with the Same IQ Still Differ a Lot



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