Hackin’ Hillary

Questions have been asked about Trumps visit to Mexico. Whether it will make a difference or not. Whether the people south of the border and their opinions matter in this election cycle.

I think as long as Trump’s handlers can spin trip as diplomatic coup in USA it doesn’t matter. As for the sheep most of them know they have been had. Having been bought off with a slice of cheese at first of every month. As long as it keeps coming nothing will happen.

As for the Trump fans. I don’t see much conviction in them. Most see a flawed man. History might in the end define him as a disciple of the next Prophet. Maybe. We will know in about 20 years or so.

If we make it.

I don’t want Hacking Hillary as next Prez. She looks to be on way out and angling to take as many with her as possible. She will be a Sociopath to the very end shouting orders and getting people killed even with a gun in her mouth, just like Hitler in his bunker, during the end times of the Fourth Reich.


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