Call the Police There is a Madman Around

Looks like the Peace and Love Obama world tour is not going according to script. After almost eight years of extra judicial Drone killings and the POTUS still finds time to moralize on world stage about the Philippines war against it’s drug lords.

Ms. Starr not missing a beat, Trumpeting as she always does the Administration talking points, by calling it extra judicial killings. The hypocrisy is delicious. Looks like the Obama Administration getting back to apple they chewed.

I had to link to CNN because every time I see a report from Barbara Starr I can’t help but think of Muppet show. She doesn’t report the news she just complains about it. Just like the Grumpy men in Balcony.

I’m pretty sure she is ex-wife of one of those guys.


I think it is the guy on right. I heard he got tired of being married to a West Wing Girl.




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